Reese Thompson, MD

President and CEO, JCMG

Reese ThompsonHOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THIS POSITION? I came on board April 2015.

PLEASE LIST YOUR FORMER JOBS AND NUMBER OF YEARS/MONTHS IN THOSE POSITIONS. President of the Medical Staff, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, 2013 to 2015 and Vice President of Jefferson City Medical Group, 2010 to 2015 TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY. Cynthia, my wife of 27 years, is completing her master’s degree in nursing education. She is the director of simulation at Lincoln University School of Nursing. Our oldest son, William Locke, graduated in May from the University of Missouri School of Law. He is currently an officer candidate at the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. Ian, our middle son, will graduate this spring from Saint Louis University. His areas of focus are secondary education and English literature. Rebecca, our youngest and only daughter, is a junior at New York University Tisch School of the Arts studying drama and mathematics.

PLEASE LIST YOUR EDUCATION. Princeton University (bachelor’s degree, 1981), Wake Forest University (Doctor of Medicine, 1985), University of Southern California (otolaryngology/head and neck surgery resident, 1990) and University of Liverpool/Royal Liverpool Hospital (head and neck surgery, 1991).

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION AND WHY? United Way because of the direct effect it has in our  community. There are so many wonderful charities out there. I also applaud Vitae Society for their work to preserve and promote the sanctity of life.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR IMMEDIATE AND LONG-TERM GOALS IN YOUR NEW POSTION? Immediately, I would like to see JCMG through many challenges and transitions in the health care delivery system, including ACO formation, changes in medical billing and reimbursement, such as ICD-10. From a long-term perspective, my plans include helping JCMG grow in breadth of medical services, and I also want to increase our service area through affiliations and providers in our region.

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO IMPACT THE JEFFERSON CITY COMMUNITY? I want to continue to strive with the rest of the JCMG providers, as well as, increase the availability of specialty and primary care in our community.

WHY YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR LINE OF WORK? In my specialty, ENT and sinus surgery, I very much enjoy the complexity of head and neck anatomy and enjoy the challenges of diagnostics. In my administrative role, although much newer, I want to help continue the legacy established by physician leadership that has gone before me. I want to see JCMG be the premier  ambulatory care provider in Jefferson City.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST CAREER OBSTACLE YOU’VE HAD TO OVERCOME? The first year of my postgraduate medical education (internship), following medical school, I worked 100-110 hours a week.

WHAT IS THE GREATEST PERSONAL CHALLENGE THAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED SUCCESS? I don’t know how much credit I deserve, but I like to think the greatest challenge is raising children. I’m very proud of the successes and accomplishments they’ve experienced.

WHAT DO YOU FEEL ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? WEAKNESSES? Strengths: I have been blessed by the advantage of an  exceptional and well-rounded education. I also have personal determination and the ability to think strategically about JCMG and  business opportunities. Weaknesses: Sometimes I need help with organization. I’m really appreciative for the strong in this area who are there to assist. I am also thankful for the administrative support team at JCMG who help keep me on schedule.

WHICH ACCOMPLISHMENT MAKES YOU MOST PROUD? My kids saying that I’m a good dad.

FAVORITE PLACE TO SPEND A SATURDAY AFTERNOON? On our farm near the Gasconade River.

FAVORITE COMFORT FOOD? Chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy.

YOUR FAVORITE APP? The Weather Channel app allows me to keep track of the weather in the areas where my kids live. I also really like Trip Advisor.

WHERE IS YOUR IDEAL VACATION? Some place in the Caribbean or any place where I can go fishing.

WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE? Being a father as well as moving here from the state of California and having the opportunity to work for an organization as fantastic as JCMG.

WHAT IS A SECRET ASPIRATION OF YOURS? To catch an Arctic Char, preferably while fly fishing.

WHAT IS YOUR SOURCE OF INSPIRATION? On a professional level, my patients, my exceptional staff, my partners and colleagues are all inspirational. On a personal level, God, family, friends and an inner desire to succeed is what keeps me motivated.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE HOBBIES? I love to fish and swim.

WHAT IS A FUN FACT ABOUT YOU THAT MOST PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW? I was a gold medalist for Team USA in the 200-meter-medley relay at the 2013 Pan American Master’s Swimming Championship held in Sarasota, Florida.