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You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know Rebecca Rademan.

The former editor of this magazine, Rademan really got to know JCMO through her work with City Magazine. She grew to love this city and the businesses, people, and organizations that make the community great.

By getting to know Chris Holloway, former City Magazine photographer, and Tami Turner, she saw the city in a new light. “I watched Tami and the magazine,” Rademan says. “She and the Gibbs family were my first introduction into nonprofits and getting involved in the community. Our entire goal [for the magazine] became to uplift and showcase the best of Jeff City.”

From there, she was able to use her magazine connections to begin freelancing digital services to local business and organizations, beginning with her alma mater, Lincoln University.
“I never planned to go into business for myself,” says Rademan. “But I’ve always known that that’s something I would love to do.”

Through word of mouth and repeat business, Rademan’s business has grown to a point she never imagined. Her business, a small public relations firm and marketing agency that protects and promotes local companies and brands, campaigns, and special programs so clients and employees can get involved in their communities, includes various methods of web and social media development.

Rademan uses her “free” time to promote and support local businesses through volunteering. Today, that work is most heavily put into the nonprofits UCP Gibbs Center for Independence and Capitol City Cinema. “I founded the cinema in 2013 and Rebecca came on board in January of 2014,” writes Jami Wade. “She has been an instrumental component in growing the cinema and making sure it sustains itself well into the future. It’s my belief that with Rebecca involved, any project, business, or nonprofit will be in exceptional hands. She’s never proven me wrong.”

Rademan is also passionate about the growth of art and entertainment in Jefferson City. “I want to foster a sense of community,” she says.

Through her professional and volunteer work, Rademan works tirelessly to bring the community together. Partnering business with nonprofits (and nonprofits with other nonprofits) is always her main goal. “Rebecca measures success by finding ways to get other business members to contribute and give back to Jefferson City,” writes Wade. “She spends a great deal of time collaborating with other community members in nonprofit and philanthropic work. Hers is a generous spirit that affects so many. She does it quietly and effectively, asking for no accolades and no compensation. The truest spirit of philanthropy.”

What is your Spirit Animal?

Wild mustang: All heart, strong-willed, fiercely loyal, thrive on deep connections, and love running with a herd, yet a non-conformist with a wild streak.

Community Involvement:

American Heart Association silent auction committee
President, Capitol City Cinema Board of Directors
Gibbs Center for Independence; Wing Ding Committee and 2018 Co-Chair
Missouri Contemporary Ballet Dancing with the Missouri Stars 2017 contestant
Boys and Girls Club Cork, Fork and Brews marketing volunteer
Jefferson City Animal Shelter: Yadi’s Pittie Pals

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