Premier Property Services:
The Faces of Roofing

Premier Property Services was founded in 2005 with a deep commitment to Central Missouri. Our vision is to provide an unparalleled level of quality and service in the roofing industry while benefiting the community and creating a lasting legacy. 

This commitment to community and family values is at the heart of Premier, ensuring that every project is approached with the utmost dedication and care. Having deep roots in Central Missouri, we place a lot of importance on doing things we believe will make the community better, from supporting other local businesses to supporting schools, sports, and sponsorship opportunities that promote family-focused entertainment. You can always count on us to leave things better than how we found them. 

We believe in making personal connections with homeowners and handling their projects in the way we would want our own home improvement projects to be handled. We understand that any construction project is a big undertaking for a homeowner. While we may replace hundreds of roofs in a year, many people replace their roofs once, maybe twice, in their lifetime. We are committed to quality over convenience by hand driving every nail, providing a lifetime wind warranty, and keeping the process as smooth as possible during every project. We want our customers’ experiences with us to be memorable in the best way possible. We also place a huge emphasis on quality work because we stand behind what we do. We have achieved the highest certifications possible with multiple shingle manufacturers, which allows us to offer the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry (backed by the manufacturers), often at no additional cost to the homeowners.

Our pride in Premier extends beyond the quality of our work. We are proud of the relationships we have built with the people in our community over the years and the reputation we have earned based on our honesty, work ethic, and commitment to quality. As a local company, we are deeply rooted in Central Missouri and remain steadfast in our goal of building a reputable, multi-generational company that will always be there when you need us. We are committed to providing you with a roof that will stand the test of time and being a company that you can trust.

Chelsi Price, Marc Lentz, Joe Price, Troy Hake,
Nathan Haslag, Jared Hake, and Jonathan Crocker

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