Owned by Tricia and Darek Baker

I remember when Darek and I would sit on the patio and reminisce on wanting to own a business. With our years of service in the food industry, we knew it had to be food. Our last name is Baker, so it’s ironic that now we own a bakery! Food, to us, means family, experience, tradition, and lots of love. To be totally honest, we pushed our dreams aside — always making excuse after excuse to wait, or to be more financially secure, etc. Years went on and I did nursing while Darek remained in auto service. We had no clue how, or when, this dream would come true. Our only answer is God led the way when we weren’t even looking.

“Food, to us, means family, experience, tradition, and lots of love.”

When we first started the business, we actually tried to keep it all secret for awhile. We literally were in shock, ourselves, that it was happening. It was like living in a dream, and we didn’t want to wake up. We knew we wanted a business, but having a business on High Street was the ultimate dream. I grew up making so many memories on High Street and have supported all the local restaurants and shops for years. I find myself still wanting to pinch myself wondering how this all happened But, when our family and friends found out, they were just as excited as we were and eager to off er help and support through this endeavor. Conversing with us on our dream for years, they were ecstatic the moment they saw our shop. They smiled and said, “This is so you!”

Tricia and Derek Baker in Plate & Pour, located in Jefferson City, Missouri.
April 2023: Tricia and Darek Baker in Plate & Pour

In Darek’s wedding vows to me, he vowed to always have a cup of coffee made for me every morning. Now, he not only makes my coffee, but lots of coffee for Jefferson City.

My favorite thing about working with my husband is that my favorite person is always right there, and he’s always thereto do the heavy lifting. Our legacy is to always provide the best customer service, treating all customers as our friends and offering them speciality drinks from premium quality roasted beans and decadent food that’s almost too pretty to eat, all while spreading kindness and support for other local vendors. If there is one piece of advice we’d give, it’d be not to wait on your dreams! Even when it seems impossible, God will always find away to give you the desires of your heart. Trust his timing.

In loving memory of Michelle Porch, 06/26/1967-04/01/2023. Thank you for sharing your joy and passion for cooking. Your smile brightened every room you entered. Your legacy will live on through us.

400 E. High St., JCMO
(573) 353-3353