Steven Crowell Jr., City administrator, City of Jefferson

Started March 10, 2014


I’ve been married since 1989 and have survived thus far, with my wife, raising three daughters: Tina, Lauren and Morgan. We recently lost April, our English bulldog (often referred to as our fourth daughter).


Bachelor’s degree in business administration, bachelor’s degree in economics and a Master of Public Administration, all from West Virginia University

Community involvement:

Because I am relatively new to the community, I really haven’t had a chance to become too involved in Jefferson City organizations yet. In the past I have been involved with Rotary, Special Olympics, my church, American Cancer Society, United Way and youth sports. My children were previously very involved with the local animal shelter.

Why I’m passionate about my job:

I enjoy serving cities because I want to make a positive impact on the community in which I live. Although I have previously worked in the private sector, I enjoy the complexities of municipal operations, the strategies for making things work and working with a variety of people, but it is the opportunity to assist others in improving the circumstances and situations in a community that I enjoy the most.

Biggest career obstacle I’ve had to overcome:

There certainly have been specific career obstacles at difference stages of my life. For example, when I knew that I wanted to manage cities, I needed a master’s degree and experience, so I quit my job to attend graduate school full time without knowing how I was going to pay for school, living expenses, a car, etc. I had faith that I would figure it out, which I did. Then I started gaining the experience; I still am.

Generally, though, throughout my career, I would say that I’ve struggled to balance family and professional obligations. I have missed birthdays, anniversaries, sports/school events and the small conversations in my children’s lives due to professional obligations. Although I tried to make up the missed opportunities as best I could, it was just not the same. I never apologized for the work commitments, but I did apologize for missing the family events.

Favorite Jefferson City charitable organization and why:

I can’t select just one organization; there are so many dedicated people serving in various capacities who serve Jefferson City and the surrounding area. I have been impressed by the active involvement of so many people in the community, all working to make a positive difference in the lives of so many people and animals.

Accomplishment I’m most proud of:

Personally, I am most proud of being married since 1989 and raising three children. Professionally, I am most proud of the people I have helped develop in their jobs and the positive impact on their organization or community those people have made or are making.

Favorite place to spend a Saturday afternoon:

Lately my Saturday afternoons have been spent walking behind a lawn mower or unpacking moving boxes. The past few weekends, I have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather and ride my bike on the Katy Trail.

Last book read:

Other than the city budget book, the most recent book I read was For the Love of Cities by Peter Kageyama (yes, even in my free time I enjoy reading and learning more about cities).

Favorite TV show:

That’s hard to narrow down: Shark Tank because I like the art of the deal, 60 Minutes because I’m glad it’s not me getting interrogated, Seinfeld because I have had each of those characters in my life and the news just to add perspective to my view of reality.

Favorite comfort food:

My wife is a chef, so anything I don’t have to cook is comfort food to me. I’ve enjoyed exploring the various restaurants and coffee shops we have in Jefferson City, and if they happen to have chocolate chip cookies, so much the better.

Favorite app:

Because I’m new to Jefferson City, the app I’ve been using most recently is a GPS, though sometimes I use the old-school app — I ask someone for directions.

Dream vacation:

Scuba diving off the coast of Bermuda and discovering a sunken ship with treasure on board.

What is something that has changed your life:

My wife having three children in three years (it probably changed her life as well). I have learned so much from my children, perhaps patience being the most significant.

Secret aspiration:

That’s a toss-up between a professor, rock star or a (good) pirate. I play (try to) the drums. I still have my drum set, so if anyone wants to put together a one-time benefit concert, I’m available. I played in a band called Prey, but for some reason we got a lot of church gigs; the church audience was somewhat surprised when we started playing.

Source of inspiration:

Although seeing excellence at various levels and degrees of accomplishment always encourages me, I’m also intrigued by the stories behind those people and their excellence. I’ve often thought about writing a book about people who were told at one time in their lives that they could not do something and then ended up exceling in that particular area.

Favorite hobbies:

I collect presidential autographs and campaign posters. I also enjoy riding my mountain bike, water sports and participating in/watching events with my children.