Elevate your celebration to create lasting memories.

Try something new with these unique party themes! Every occasion calls for a celebration, and there’s a perfect party theme for everyone. Whether it’s a gathering with close friends, beloved family members, or colleagues, the possibilities are endless.


Let guests become chefs with a charcuterie party. Have each attendee bring their own assortment of accompaniments to share with other guests. But here’s a twist: embrace the challenge of a themed board. From savory cured meats to sweet candies or delicious dairy delights, this party turns a festivity into a feast.

Character Costume

Step into a world of imagination where costumes reign supreme because dressing up isn’t just for Halloween. Encourage party goers to ditch their traditional ensembles and become someone else for the evening. This party says goodbye to any traditional dress codes and welcomes a night of transformative fun. Rewrite the rules and become any character that fits the theme.

Stock the Bar

Raise a glass and get those spirits together for a stock-the-bar party. Toast to new beginnings, and fill the bar with laughter and love. This party is perfect for partygoers who are cocktail connoisseurs or casual sippers, for the celebration promises an array of libations to suit every taste. Cheers to creating lasting bonds and an exuberant soirée that will have everyone clinking glasses in delight.

Favorite Things

Who doesn’t love talking about their favorite things? Have each guest bring a cherished item to share with the group during a favorite things party. Whether it’s a beloved book, a treasured recipe, a favorite movie, or another beloved item, this kind of party is a chance to bond over shared experiences. Expect laughter, stories, and plenty of surprises as guests present their items!

Crock Pot Cook-off

Dust off those recipe books and savor the joys of a crock pot cook-off. Slow-cooked delights and savory aromas await as loved ones share an array of comforting dishes with delightful company. As the flavors blend and the conversations flow, a crockpot cook-off promises to be a celebration of culinary delights.

White Lies

Everyone tells a white lie every now and then, so spend a night exposing harmless omissions with a white lies party. Have guests don a white t-shirt featuring the harmless fibs they’ve told a time or two. From “I’m five minutes away” to “Your cooking is amazing,” each guest will get their moment in the spotlight.

Anything but a Cup

Relive the carefree days of college with a bud-get-friendly and nostalgic anything-but-a-cup party. Guests arrive with a variety of unconventional vessels for their favorite drinks, sparking creativity and laughter. From sneakers to flower vases, who knows what guests will bring? Dig out those quirky containers, and let the unforgettable moments commence.