Big Cedar Lodge serves up a slice of Missouri heaven.

Whether you’re looking for a solitary, quiet, bubble bath-inspired getaway or an active, energetic, make-every-minute-count vacation, Branson’s Big Cedar Lodge is the place for you. 

Billed as America’s Premier Wilderness Resort, Big Cedar Lodge combines luxurious accommodations and amenities with rustic charm and rural quaintness. Big Cedar is located just 10 miles south of Branson in Ridgedale. This remote vacation haven overlooks the Ozarks’ stunning Table Rock Lake and encompasses 4,600 acres of some of the state’s most beautiful scenery. 

Established in 1987, Big Cedar Lodge is the brainchild of Johnny Morris, founder and owner of Bass Pro Shops, one of the nation’s top outdoor supply companies. The resort showcases Morris’ commitment to preserving and conserving Missouri’s precious natural resources while also providing deluxe accommodations and amenities for folks looking for some much-needed rest and relaxation. 

This unique recreational spot prides itself on being a destination for travelers looking for outdoor activities coupled with luxurious accommodations. Throw in fine dining, spa services, and a variety of shopping options and you’ll find yourself with a unique vacation package that is sure to please even the pickiest and most discerning of travelers. 

“Over the past few decades, Big Cedar Lodge has established itself as the leading outdoor-driven destination in the Midwest while maintaining world-class luxury and genuine Ozarks hospitality,” says Janet Glaser, senior public relations manager for Bass Pro Shops’ hospitality division. “We’re honored to serve our guests who travel from all over the world to experience the true beauty of the Ozarks.” 

Lodging offerings at Big Cedar are numerous and varied, with more than 300 private quarters to choose from including grand lodges, cozy cottages, private log cabins, and inviting camp-style units. For those looking for that one-of-a-kind overnight stay, Big Cedar recently added the option of “glamping,” or glamorous camping, which commingles the outdoor experience of tent camping with all the comforts of a hotel stay. 

“Over the past few decades, Big Cedar Lodge has established itself as the leading outdoor-driven destination in the Midwest while maintaining world-class luxury and genuine Ozarks’ hospitality.”

Janet Glaser

The resort also boasts 12 restaurants, which range from casual to elegant, as well as an activity center, a fitness facility, and a full-service spa and salon. The spa features a grotto pool and ice room and comes complete with a stone fireplace that serves as the backdrop for the saunas, hot spas, and steam rooms that lead to private, open-air showers. 

For visitors who like to rev up their outdoor engines, Big Cedar Lodge is second to none. Guests can fish, play golf, swim, go boating, hike, bike, shoot, ride horses, and participate in nature excursions and educational experiences. 

Because Big Cedar offers something for everyone in every season. Putting together a getaway package can be like putting together music notes to a melody. Each stay has its own unique look and feel, and no two experiences are alike. From fishing and hiking to manis and pedis and everything in between, guests can create and tailor year-round respites that are singular to their individual tastes, desires, and wallets. 

“Every time we go, we have a new memory to treasure.”

Jeanne Ruth

“I love the vibe at Big Cedar,” says Jefferson City resident Jeanne Ruth, a frequent visitor to the resort. Ruth’s husband, John, a local attorney, has been taking advantage of Big Cedar Lodge’s amenities with family and friends for close to 30 years. “I love that it’s rustic, yet classy. It’s relaxing, but upscale at the same time. There is always something to do, and even though it’s a big place, it never feels crowded or overwhelming. Every time we go, we have a new memory to treasure. ” 

Visitors to Big Cedar will likely find there is far more to do than time to do it. Big Cedar’s accommodations have expanded to include Top of the Rock, a clifftop venue offering breathtaking views of the scenic countryside from the highest point in Taney County. Often the site for weddings and other special events, Top of the Rock offers guests myriad outdoor activities, nature trails, an underground cave system, a world-class golf course, shops, restaurants, and bars. 

“Big Cedar Lodge is a world-class resort where guests will make memories to last a lifetime and discover outdoor adventure, tranquility, genuine Ozarks’ hospitality, and a little piece of heaven on earth,” Janet says.

Big Cedar Lodge By the Numbers

• More than 300 private accommodations, including grand lodges, cozy cottages, private log cabins, and inviting camp-style units 

• 12 restaurants across the property 

• Two full-service marinas 

• Five golf courses 

• A full-service spa 

• A fitness facility 

• A 50,000-square-foot activity center 

• Countless indoor and outdoor activities, including golf, fishing, shooting, games and entertainment, water sports, horseback riding, boat cruises, hiking, biking, nature excursions, and educational experiences.

Top of the Rock at a Glance 

• Lost Canyon Nature Trail and Cave 

• Top of the Rock Golf Course 

• Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum 

• Cathedral of Nature Cave System 

• Chapel of the Ozarks 

• Civil War Cabin 

• Arnies Barn Restaurant 

• Osage Restaurant 

• Buffalo Bar 

• End of the Trail All-American Wine Cellar