David P. Minton

President and CEO of Central Bank


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH CENTRAL BANK? I’ve been with the bank for eight months as CEO and was more recently elected president.

PLEASE LIST YOUR FORMER JOBS AND NUMBER OF YEARS/ MONTHS IN THOSE POSITIONS: Heartland Bank in St. Louis for 18 years where I was president and CEO from 2007 to 2014; Duke Realty Investments as senior vice president and St Louis general manager for a year and a half; The Paragon Group as vice president for 10 years; Ivest as vice president for a year and a half; and Mark Twain Bancshares as vice president for three and a half years.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT WORKING IN BANKING? Working with customers and prospects to help them be as successful as possible.

WHY DO YOU CHOOSE TO WORK FOR CENTRAL BANK? It is a great organization with great people, and it has a long and prosperous track record both in terms of its own success and the positive impact it has on the communities it serves.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY: I have been married to my wife, Liz, for 35 years, and we have three grown children: Maggie and Abbie, twin daughters who are 26, and a son, Keller, who is 22.

PLEASE LIST YOUR EDUCATION: DePauw University, 1980, Bachelor of Arts in economics and psychology Washington University in St Louis, 1986, Masters of Business Administration

FAVORITE CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION AND WHY: United Way because it efficiently provides funds to so many deserving groups.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR IMMEDIATE AND LONG-TERM GOALS FOR CENTRAL BANK? In the near term I want to continue to support the great management team we already have in place at Central, help enhance the many things we are doing well and get to know as many of our customers and prospects as possible. Long term, my vision is to develop and attract the best and brightest within and to provide Central Bank with a view for refining and creating financial services and products that meet the needs of customers today and, more importantly, into the future. With both immediate and long term goals, our focus is to provide the very best customer service in the market and to have a delivery system that makes it easy and comfortable for folks to do business with us.

HOW DO YOU HOPE TO IMPACT THE COMMUNITY WITH YOUR NEW ROLE? Central Bank and its leadership have a  long and distinguished history of service to this community. One of the attractions to me of this position is to apply myself accordingly. In no particular order, I plan to focus on education, the arts and making sure there is a level playing field for all.

WHY YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR POSITION: I try to be passionate about anything I do and at Central, I see no bounds to the opportunities or the commitment to make those opportunities realities. If having the chance to lead an organization that sets the standards and is a Midwestern model community bank doesn’t make you passionate, then I do
not know what would.

BIGGEST CAREER OBSTACLE YOU’VE HAD TO OVERCOME: Adapting to the many other factors of banking that don’t really have to do with finances or numbers. Culture is a major part of any business. It has been both challenging and  ultimately rewarding in my career to understand its extreme importance.

WHAT DO YOU FEEL ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? WEAKNESSES? I believe my greatest strengths are intellect, open mindedness, enthusiasm, persistence and a sense of humor. My weaknesses include impatience and sometimes not being as sensitive as I should.

ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT MAKES YOU MOST PROUD: I don’t know if I can consider my nearly 40-year relationship with my wife, who is also my best friend, and the three great children we have raised to be amazing young adults  accomplishments of mine, but they easily make me proudest.

FAVORITE PLACE TO SPEND A SATURDAY AFTERNOON: An outdoor concert enjoying great music and a cool beverage.

LAST BOOK READ: “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis

FAVORITE TV SHOW: All-time favorite is “Seinfeld.” Currently, it’s “Shark Tank.”


FAVORITE APP: I am sure you mean after the Central Bank app, so my next favorite is Spotify.

IDEAL VACATION: Always the mountains, whether it be skiing in the winter or enjoying the scenery and ample recreational opportunities in the summer.

WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE? The many things I have learned from watching my children mature into young adults.

A SECRET ASPIRATION: Having any kind of musical ability or talent at all.

SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: Wanting to make a difference.

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Golf, skiing, biking, basketball and experiencing live music.

WHAT IS A FUN FACT ABOUT YOU THAT MOST PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW? I had a supporting role in DePauw’s production of “Romeo and Juliet” during my senior year of college.