Outbound Physical
Therapy & Rehab
The Faces of Physical Therapy

What started in 2011 as a novel business model, where one therapist made house calls, has grown to a multi-therapist practice with two modern, convenient, and accessible clinics. Outbound Physical Therapy & Rehab is an independent practice owned and operated by Jennifer Schnieders, a physical therapist who continues to treat patients in addition to promoting the value of physical therapy at the local, state, and national level.

Physical therapists are experts in the musculoskeletal system, but our skills extend beyond treating strains, sprains, and surgical conditions. As movement specialists, we are qualified to manage chronic pain, progressive neurological conditions, ergonomic safety, balance disorders, dizziness, and generalized weakness.   

At Outbound Physical Therapy & Rehab, we are also committed to educating patients and their families to keep them well and injury-free. We offer sports recovery, golf-wellness and physical assessment, nutritional counseling and education, and recommendations for personal fitness and training. 

Outbound Physical Therapy & Rehab also utilizes novel technology to help you get better quickly. We are the only practice in Central Missouri to use the Neufit Neubie device and the only practice in Jefferson City that offers blood flow restriction therapy.  

It is our philosophy that patients have many choices for where they receive therapy, so our exceptional patient experience, healthcare value, positive outcomes, convenient locations, and community involvement are what set us apart. We utilize one-on-one, hands-on evaluation and treatment techniques to identify any movement dysfunction and determine how to best treat it. Since a referral is no longer needed for physical therapy in Missouri, we are able to schedule patients with acute injuries quickly, often the same day. Our commitment is to treat each patient as a member of our own family because we treat them too!

Standing: Jessica Clark, DPT, Tony Brenneke, MPT, OCS,
Megan Lewis, PTA, and Jennifer Schnieders, DPT
Seated: Grover Johnson, PTA, and Michelle Sherry, MPT

Outbound Physical Therapy & Rehab:
1739 Elm Ct., Ste. 206, JCMO | (573) 681-0447
3600 Country Club Dr., Ste. 530B, JCMO | (573) 606-7100 outboundrehab.com