City Magazine’s Ones to Watch recognizes up-and-coming leaders who enhance local business and the community as a whole through their work and volunteerism. This year, ten people were chosen by a panel of past winners after being nominated by their peers and employers. Congratulations to these outstanding leaders.

Quinten Rice

Artist | The Cherry Pistols | Murphy’s Ford | Q Entertainment, owner | The SPACE, owner | Avenue HQ, owner |  JQ’s on High, owner

Why is it important to you to be involved in the community?

I want to be “in the know” and to see firsthand how folks really feel about things and try to see the true need of a situation. It’s much easier to really evaluate something that way.

Tell us about your family.

Family is everything. My folks have been together for 48 years. You don’t see that much anymore. My only sibling, Jarret, is in L.A., and I look up to him so much. I’m lucky to have a great extended family as well. My “family” goes way outside of blood. My friends are my family. I was born and raised here. I’ve had some friends in my life since I was 5. My fellow artists and bandmates, my co-workers who all have become great friends in the hospitality and entertainment industry-—you spend an incredible amount of time together. I am very blessed to have a wonderful personal life. This has brought me more family and friends to love too.

What are some words you live by?

Follow your heart. Live by the golden rule. Patience and persistence go a long way. Dates set deadlines. Pride makes progress. Art brings people together.

If you weren’t in your profession, what profession would you get into?

I would love to be a professional “picker.” I love antiques. A family member owns a scrapyard, and I really enjoy going there from time to time to look around. I like the challenge of finding the diamonds in the rough that need a little love to be brought back to life. We live in such a disposable society — not much can be, or is, fixed anymore. We seem to throw things away without thought, many times without the consideration of recycling. I would like to help change that attitude. 

Community Involvement:

  • Downtown Association
  • East Side Business Association
  • Capitol Avenue Landmark League
  • Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce
  • Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Jefferson City Parks and Recreation
  • HALO
  • Capitol Arts
  • Missouri Blues Society
  • JC Jazzfest
  • Evening at the Amphitheatre
  • Scene One Theatre