City Magazine’s Ones to Watch recognizes up-and-coming leaders who enhance local business and the community as a whole through their work and volunteerism. This year, ten people were chosen by a panel of past winners after being nominated by their peers and employers. Congratulations to these outstanding leaders.

Melissa Dunn

Huber & Associates, marketing manager

Why is it important to you to be involved in the community?

I am a strong advocate of preserving Jefferson City’s charm and helping the town continue to grow because this is the place I’ve chosen to raise my family. I am dedicated to creating the best possible environment for the next generation, which includes my daughter. I’ll do everything in my power to help make Jefferson City an idyllic, thriving town for our children to grow up in and maybe even make their permanent home someday to raise their own family.

Charity of choice and why?

United Way has a special place in my heart because I love the concept of consolidating my giving to them and then having them distribute the collective funds to numerous deserving charities based on current needs in our community. There are so many worthy causes that it’s difficult to choose, and by giving to the United Way I can be confident my contributions are being allocated in the most valuable and necessary manner possible.

What are some words you live by?

“Nothing is more contagious than a smile!” I try to always start each day with an optimistic outlook by constantly reminding myself of all the blessings I have in my life. There are few things in life that make me happier than making others happy.

Outside of your family, who is your role model and why?

Since I started working at Huber & Associates, our CEO, Elizabeth Huber, has had significant impact on my life. Her kindness, determination to help, intelligence, and generosity are some of her greatest qualities. Whether I need guidance personally or professionally, she is always willing to help and always has the best advice. I am honored to be a part of her team.

What trait do you most want in a co-worker and why?

Loyalty. If you earn the trust of a teammate, you can rest assured that they will do their best for you. They will work harder because they admire and appreciate you and want to repay the respect you have shown them.

Community Involvement:

  • JC Chamber Young Professionals
  • United Way Marketing Committee
  • Helias Catholic High School Marketing Committee
  • Salvation Army Center of Hope homeless shelter
  • Huber & Associates Service Committee