Commercial loan officer, Jefferson Bank

The simple things in life are what make it worth living for Trenton Barbour.

I am from Jamestown, Missouri, but have been involved with the Jefferson City community my entire life. I’ve been so blessed to have a wide variety of friends and peers from all different circles. Getting to know people on a personal level is a personal goal of mine — whether it be at the bank, on a basketball court, or in the community.

Trenton Barbour

Secret Hidden Talent – Having graduated from auction school back in 2019, I happen to do a little auctioneering on the side. I’ve always been a talker and loved going to auctions, so I figured it’d be a fun hobby that could pay a little too.

Dream Interview – My interview would be to sit down and have a beer with my grandpa Mike “Pewee” Fork to ask him how he balanced putting his family first, making a difference in his community, and managing to run the family farm all at once. The way he cared for everyone around him and the smile he could get out of people made him my life’s greatest mentor. His best advice was “Never to get a big head,” no matter how many great things we were doing.

I am Most Grateful For – There are a lot of great people in my circle who I can always count on, so I am most grateful for them. I’ve had the same core of best friends since elementary school, and I picked up some more in college that I can always depend on to help at a moment’s notice. I also have some great friends at Jefferson Bank that I have the pleasure of working with and learning from.

On Success – Success, for me, is knowing that someone enjoys my company and that they can rely on me. My goal is to make every customer smile and laugh when they come in and see me. They should know I don’t just appreciate their business, I also care about them as human beings. That means being honest and truthful — even if it means telling someone no (professionally of course). Sometimes telling someone yes is setting them up for failure, and the last thing I want is to see someone fail.

Leaving a Legacy – I want to be remembered as the guy who people could always count on, who would work hard to help someone out, and who is exactly what I appear to be. One of my standards is to be quick on responses. I try to give everyone a timeline on when we can have an answer for them and hold to that. It is the same in my personal life. My phone is always on and the door is always open if someone needs me. I try my best to let it be known to everyone I come across.

I Would Like to Spend More Time –  Having a hands-on approach to learn more about my customers and how to better serve them is important to me, so I’d love to get out of the office more to visit with them.

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