Owner, YoYums and Rachel Lynn LLC-Health Coaching for People with Diabetes Research support librarian, University of Missouri

For Rachel Alexander, service is a way of life.

I am a dog mom, friend, daughter, sister, and aunt; and I have an Enneagram type two personality. Few things make me happier than eating good food with enjoyable company. I love people, and I’m passionate about making people feel seen. My life has been largely about learning who I am and how to be of service to the people I meet. I strive to be someone who listens more than I talk and who always lifts others up. I’m a believer in community and in connection and that we all need people who hear us and who see our best.

Favorite Place in Jefferson City – The Carl R. Noren Access is one of the most beautiful spots in town.

I’d Like to Spend More Time –  Spending more time simply being more in each day is something I strive for. I’ve always been a “what’s next” person, which I think has caused me to undervalue the merit and joy of just being in a moment and experiencing the day.

I’d Like to Spend Less Time – Mowing. It is the bane of my existence.

On Friendship – Life is busy, and it can be hard. Having people who are real with themselves and real with me, who encourage me, and who let me cheer them on is important to me in friendships. I value celebrating with my friends and being there for the hard stuff.

On Community – Our culture is facing a prevalence of callousness. Staying physically present and involved in our community and staying active in organizations working to address issues we care about help to reduce callosity. And, we see people and societal issues for what they are and not the narrative that surrounds them in our online world. Being there for our neighbors is an important part of building community; and when we serve our community, we become a better version ourselves.

Most People Have in Common – That they belong and are loved.

Dream Interview – My dream interview would be Fredrick Banting. He was a World War I veteran and a physician who, along with Charles Best, discovered insulin and was instrumental in the development of many other medical advances. He stated, “I am a fi rm believer in the theory that you can do or be anything that you wish in this world, within reason, if you are prepared to make the sacrifices, think, and work hard enough and long enough.” When Banting and Best discovered insulin, they decided to sell the patent for one dollar because they wanted everyone who needed the medication to be able to afford it. It would be interesting to talk with him about where the pharmaceutical world has gone — particularly in relation to the in affordability of insulin when he dedicated so much of his life to ensuring access to these essential medications.

Leaving a Legacy – I want to be remembered as someone who loved and who was present in people’s lives. I’d also like to be remembered for my spectacularly bad puns.

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