Executive director, JC Schools Foundation

For Peyton Orban, the happiness of others defines her purpose.

Being a passionate communicator striving to make a difference in our community, I strive to be an energetic professional who advocates for those in need. Serving people and creating long-lasting relationships is what I strive for. I look forward to growing my family, continuing a successful career, and being a person who impacts others while creating momentous life experiences.

Peyton Orban

Favorite place in Jefferson City – Last Flight Brewing Company is the best spot for hanging out.

Modern Challenges – Lacking kindness and respect for one another is one of our greater challenges today. I lead by example by being kind to those I interact with and respecting them for who they are. To address this challenge, there needs to be more smiling, greeting one another, and listening before speaking.

I’d Like to Spend More Time – Being more present in all things.

I’d Like to Spend Less Time – Thinking about tomorrow.

Overcoming Obstacles – My faith is always the foundation that helps me conquer life’s obstacles. My faith in God’s greater plan provides me strength to get through a hard day or week. I easily recharge by listening to 90s country and driving on a back road. Singing in the car to any Shania Twain song will instantly put any stressor at ease.

On Purpose – We all desire a sense of belonging. Whatever that may be or look like for each person, we all have a calling. My calling in life is to be a leader when serving the community, not only a leader but a friend to all.

Free Time – My time is spent with family, friends, and our pup, Waylon.

On Success – Happiness defines true success. I measure my success by my family’s happiness.

On Community – Community, to me, allows you to grow while being supported by others. A
friendly conversation or connecting with a Jeff City local makes me feel at home.

Greatest Mentor – My mom is my greatest mentor. She always said we should have busy hands, full hearts, and the desire to serve God’s people.

On Goals – My yearly goal is to improve personally and professionally. Surrounding myself with like-minded, inspiring individuals who encourage me to be the best version of myself has been incredibly beneficial. A personal goal is always to remind myself that I’m growing. I must give myself grace and keep learning. Professionally, I’ll continue to share the mission of the JC Schools Foundation with our community and to expand our support for teachers and students.

I Am Most Grateful For – I am most grateful for my fiancé, Drew, and the life we have created together.

Leaving a Legacy – I want to be remembered for the way I treated others. My favorite passage is, “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity,” 1 Timothy 4:12.

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