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For Lindsay Welch, success is measured by the impact she makes within all facets of her life.

I am a hardworking, driven, and independent woman. A lot of my life up until now has really been spent figuring myself out. I am excited for life to slow down a bit in the future — hopefully with several kids and time spent on our farm.

Lindsay Welch

Favorite Place in Jefferson City – At Last Flight Brewing, they always have something going on that everyone can enjoy. They have a great atmosphere both inside and outside, and the beer is amazing!

Secret Hidden Talent – My violin experience began in the fifth grade, but I only played for a few years. The “Titanic” movie is what sparked my interest in the violin. I am definitely no Mozart, but it is something
that I would love to pick back up again.

Dream Interview – Taylor Swift would be my dream interview. Her music has helped get me through a lot. Whether you love her or hate her, she is a lyrical genius.

Favorite Thing to do in Your Free Time – It’s important to always take time for yourself — you can’t give from an empty cup. I love sitting out back on the deck in the sunshine reading one of my favorite books and just taking everything in around me. A lot of us get so busy that we forget to stop and really cherish those moments.

Success Looks Like – It’s not necessarily about the amount of money that I make but the impact that I make at my job, at home, and in the community.

Leaving a Legacy – I’d like to be remembered as someone who didn’t take life too seriously and who was hard-working, dependable, funny, and kind.

Greatest Mentor – My parents. My parents have always instilled in my siblings and me that we can achieve anything that we set our minds to, that nothing comes easy, and that you must work hard and sacrifice some to reach your goals.

Most People Have in Common – Most people think that everyone else has life figured out. A lot of us judge our own success by comparing ourselves to other people when we are only seeing one slice of reality. This can be incredibly intimidating. Life is messy, and no one has it all figured out.

On Goal Setting – New Years resolutions are big for me and I usually make a few goals at the start of every year. It is important to keep these goals realistic. I keep track of them in the notes section of my phone and reflect monthly on where I’m at. Rewarding oneself is important, even if it doesn’t seem like a major accomplishment.

On Community – Spending time fundraising and volunteering for organizations near to my heart is what I’m passionate about. I love living in Jefferson City and want it to be a great place for others to come plant roots and live with their families. Getting the younger generation involved is important to me. A lot of people are so stuck in their own world that they don’t necessarily realize what is going on around them. There are so many places and organizations that could really use their help.

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