Real estate broker-officer & vice president, Sports Afield Real Estate

Dale Struemph balances professional and personal obligations to make the lives of all he encounters a little easier.

I am a real estate broker-officer specializing in farm, ranch, and recreational real estate sales in Missouri and Kansas. I am married to the love of my life, Kaitlin, and we have three young boys. Life so far has been about building the foundation for what is to come. For me, life should be full of good times with lots of laughter, smiles, and great memories. Taking my time or talents and using them to make someone else’s day is what I was called to do. A lot of my inspiration comes from my faith in God. Everything happens for a reason, so we shouldn’t dwell on the past but have faith that the best is yet to come.

Dale Struemph

Secret Hidden Talent – My special talent is going to Bass Pro and making money disappear.

Favorite Place in Jefferson City – Binder Lake and the adjacent sports complexes at Joseph C. Miller Park. They provide so many opportunities for sports, outdoor recreation, and wildlife viewing.

Greatest Mentor – My dad, Victor. He taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

On Success – Success is being well rounded and taking care of my people. My goal is to have a land brokerage with top customer service ratings while giving my family and friends everything they deserve from me.

Dream Interview – Although she passed away years ago, I would ask Grandma Struemph if I’m doing life right or how I could do better. Through most of my childhood, we would see her nearly every evening after working on the farm. She would always have cookies, a cake, or something sweet to eat. She was a perfectionist and excelled in so many areas. She did everything with detail and always kept a classy composure and neat appearance.

Modern Challenges – We are all attached to our devices way too much, and we are losing our personal relationships with friends and family. When I am privileged with face-to-face time with clients, peers, and colleagues, I really work to keep my phone away and give them my full attention. Undistracted interactions are becoming rarer, so those are very important moments for a relationship.

I Am at My Absolute Best When – Professionally, I absolutely love what I do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. But, I am truly at my best when I’m able to step away from work at a reasonable hour every day and spend time with my wife and kids, coaching their little league games and teaching my boys all the fun and exciting parts of the outdoors.

On Community – Community lets us find our place in the world as people helping people. The Freeburg Holy Family Parish Picnic is probably the place I feel most at home each year. With the entire community working together to help the parish, it becomes a reunion of many friends and family that may only see each other at this event.

Leaving a Legacy – I want to be the kind of person anyone could count on, who greets you with a smile and leaves you happier than you were. I’d like to be remembered as a God-fearing and hardworking family man.

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