Mandy Lawrence, R.N., B.S.N., B.A., O.C.N.

JCMG: Oncology/hematology clinical coordinator

_E3Y43151Community involvement: Co-captain of the JCMG Relay for Life team for the American Cancer Society, member of the Oncology Nursing Society and an assistant coach for 14U Classics Elite girls softball team and the Helias Catholic High School softball team

Mandy Lawrence’s Ones to Watch nomination took her by surprise, but being nominated makes her want to work even harder to achieve her professional and personal goals. Co-worker Janet Wear-Enloe says she knows Lawrence will reach her goals because she “is a go-getter and is not afraid to take charge and get things done.”

Since Lawrence became clinic coordinator two years ago, Wear-Enloe says “the office has had a ‘facelift’ to make patients feel more comfortable during their treatments.”

And that’s only one way Lawrence works to help her patients. “Cancer isn’t the diagnosis anyone wants to hear, but I try my best to help them through it any way I can, especially with laughter,” Lawrence says. Her skills were put to the test when her mother was diagnosed in 2011, and now it’s even more important to her to help raise money for the American Cancer Society to research new drugs and provide support.

“Mandy regularly makes herself available and gives her call phone number to patients so that they can contact her any time of day or night,” Wear-Enloe says.

In addition to volunteering with a variety of causes and working sub on the St. Mary’s oncology floor during the weekends, Lawrence is also completing her MBA with a health care administration emphasis and preparing for her first child — a daughter — due this fall.

It’s also important to Lawrence to be involved in the community. “I am working on my work/personal life balance,” Lawrence says, “but I like to be busy, involved in many activities at the same time.”

Family: Husband, Roger; a daughter on the way; fours dogs: Comet, Bear, Moose and Lucy; and Penny the cat

Where do you see yourself in five years? I certainly hope in a few years to look back on this and think, ‘They were right; I really was one to watch.’ I am very excited about JCMG’s future expansions, especially in the area of oncology. I look forward to even more involvement in preparing for JCMG’s Cancer Center partnership with St. Mary’s Health Center. I am also excited to already be able to apply things I’ve learned working on my MBA in my current practice. Now I feel much more confident in my business skills and look to only enhance those skills in years to come. I look forward to a bright future for myself professionally. I am excited to see where the next five years take me.

Bill Plank

Freeman Mortuary

_E3Y36071Community involvement: Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce member, Rotaract member, Jefferson City Rape and Abuse Crisis Service, Jefferson City Wing Ding, Capital City Cook-Off (Buck-a-Bone), United Way volunteer and contributor, Special Olympics volunteer, Capital Region Medical Center Board of Governors member, CRMC Foundation Investment Committee member, YMCA, Puttin’ on the Ritz Gala, Procurement Committee American Heart Association Heart Walk, co-chair of Citizens for Continued Progress Sales Tax Campaign

“Bill will be known for his perseverance to make Jefferson City a better place to live, raise a family and work,” says John Ruth, explaining just one reason for nominating his fellow community worker Bill Plank as One to Watch. “Bill is a leader and has skills, desire and a vision that has and will continue to serve our community well.”

Working at a small business, Freeman Mortuary, allows Plank to wear multiple professional hats and pitch in as part of a team, something he enjoys. “I’ve always been anxious to take on new challenges,” Plank says. “Sitting around idly waiting for someone to make something happen really isn’t my style.”

Plank’s community involvement embodies that philosophy and is proof that he likes to walk the walk. He credits his parents with teaching him “the value of hard work, natural consequences and honestly.” One example that really impacted him was watching his mother earn her nursing degree later in life while working full time.

“That left a lasting impression that anything is possible when you are honest about what you want, work hard to get it and take responsibility for your actions,” he says.

Plank applies that mantra not only professional but also personally. Three years ago, he decided to take control of his health. Since then, he has lost 30 pounds and has completed a half marathon and a triathlon.

Family: Wife, Beth; son, Will, 4; and family puppy, Paisley

Why is it important to you to be involved in the community? Jefferson City is really an extraordinary town in many ways, and that didn’t happen by accident. I was taught the importance of leaving something better than we found it, and there is no more important venue to apply that philosophy than our own community. Honestly, I can’t imagine not being involved in the community; giving back has always been something that just felt right.

Progress only happens when we continually look for ways to improve our community and never settle for the status quo. Whether that is accomplished through volunteering for nonprofits, working with schools, engaging in governmental relations or providing unique events and opportunities, it is important to do all we can to make our city even better.

Kevin Callaway

Financial adviser, InvestorServices, Central Bank

_E3Y54521Community involvement: Governor’s Student Leadership on Faith and Values 2013 chairman; Lincoln University Foundation member; Boys Scouts of America patron chair; Rotaract founding member, past president; Dreams to Reality volunteer; United Way corporate chairman; Boys and Girls Club Development Committee; Red Cross volunteer

“It’s a great feeling to be recognized by your colleagues,” says Kevin Callaway of his nomination by co-workers.

“Kevin has the ability and keen interest in solving customer problems and will take the necessary extra effort to assure that their goals and expectations of our bank are met,” says Don Perdue, executive vice president of Central Bank.

Perdue commends Callaway on the great job he did in his prior roll with the bank’s government division and extols the even better job Callaway is doing in his role as investment adviser.

“We here at Central Bank look forward to what he will continue to bring to the table in the coming years,” Perdue says.

Callaway has many accomplishments, professional and personal, under his belt, but he’s most proud of passing all of his securities licenses in a short timeframe to become fully licensed.

Dan Westhues, of Central Bank, says: “When I was introduced to Kevin, I knew instantly that I wanted him working for Central Bank. He had personality, charisma and the ability to communicate with anyone. These qualities have served him well in his career and instantly got him involved in the community. He has a desire to learn and continually looks for ways to improve himself. He quickly became a leader at Central Bank and is a great motivator for our staff.”

Callaway credits his parents for much of his success. “Truthfully, I stand on my parents’ shoulders,” he says. “They molded my life into something worth noticing.” His parents did that by sharing every opportunity to pass along wisdom. Whether driving to ball practice or family events, a principle of some sort was passed along.

“I believe the message that has benefited me most profoundly is taking personal responsibility for my life,” Callaway says. “Taking ownership in my actions, owning my failures and successes have enabled me to grow and strengthen as a person.”

Family: Wife, Kristie; golden retriever, Ruby Ruh; and a new baby due in August

What is your life philosophy? Find your passion, and exploit it. Focus your energies on the positive elements of life. Practice forgiveness. Be present. Have a student’s heart; no matter how old you are, you can always learn something. Celebrate accomplishments. Grow from mistakes. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Trey Cunningham

Community bank president, UMB Bank

_E3Y38231Community involvement: Missouri Valley chapter of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Heart of Missouri Humane Society, University of Missouri Cole County Alumni Association, American Heart Association, United Way Governing Body, graduate of Leadership Jefferson City 2012 

Promoted to UMB community bank president in Jefferson City in 2012, Trey Cunningham is considered one of UMB’s top young leaders. In 2011, he won the overall company Rookie of the Year award and the company Top Community Producer award in 2012. He has also acted as a regional sales leader in the central Missouri area in both Jefferson City and Columbia.

“Since arriving in Jefferson City, Trey has consistently reached out to find ways to serve and to give back to the community,” says Tony Mayfield, president of UMB. But Mayfield believes Cunningham’s greatest asset is his warm and open style.

“Trey Cunningham is someone that can relate to anyone,” Mayfield says, which serves him well personally and professionally.

And Cunningham is always looking for ways to improve himself. “He is a growing leader with a humble perspective of his strengths and stays focused on trying to learn and improve every day,” says Mayfield, who adds that Cunningham evaluates his own style and performance often to look for ways to improve and capitalize on his strengths.

Professionally, Mayfield appreciates how Cunningham always seeks to create win-win situations and focuses on the best ways he can benefit others. “A probable impact of his style will be a legacy of partnership and service both as a banker and as a community volunteer,” he says.

“Trey has done a wonderful job leading the Jefferson City team,” Mayfield adds.

Cunningham reaches out to actively engage employees in personal, professional, technical and corporate development at UMB but doesn’t take himself too seriously and knows just the right balance between being personal and professional. “His leadership has positively impacted the success in the Jefferson City market for UMB,” Mayfield says. “As a friend and a business person, he is someone you would want to know in Jefferson City.”

Family: Wife, Jamie

Best advice from his parents: Although my parents have offered many meaningful pieces of advice over the years, it’s really their leadership actions that have made the most significant impact in my life. From volunteering and spearheading community functions and organizations to having strong voices in issues that align with their values to being involved and supportive parents from childhood to now, my mom and dad have demonstrated the importance of being an active and engaged participant in all parts of life. Additionally, they taught me the importance of listening — in truly hearing another’s perspective.

Sally Powell

Owner, Ecco Lounge

_E3Y55611Community involvement: Breakfast Rotary, Trinity Lutheran Ladies’ Auxiliary, Southside Business Association secretary, Old Munichburg Association, co-chair for Cork and Fork Fundraiser for Boys and Girls Club

“I met Sally back in the early ’90s when we worked together at Cafe Nicole [Domenico’s],” says Jami Wade, owner at Capitol City CORK and Provisions. Even then she knew Powell had found her calling in the restaurant business. “She was one of the most eager and delightful people I had ever met.”

As Wade got to know Powell better, especially through activities with the Rotary Club, she also discovered Powell’s selfless nature. “Sally distinguishes herself in numerous ways, but the most astounding and admirable trait she possesses is her generosity of spirit,” Wade says. “As a fellow restaurant owner, there have been countless times that I have been short staffed, needed advice, needed assistance, needed a shoulder, and she can always be counted on to offer all of those things to me.”

Powell’s devotion to organizations that enhance historic neighborhoods, provide entertainment to the entire city and demonstrate value in the city’s heritage also impresses Wade. “Sally is available to organizations which not only provide betterment to herself but also organizations that better her neighborhood and community,” she says. “You could not find a bigger champion than Sally.”

But its Powell’s infectious personality that Wade says will truly be her legacy. “One need only go to Ecco any given afternoon or evening and watch her interact with her customers,” she says. “She is loved by all, including me.”

Powell is also known for treating her employees like family. “Sally always goes the extra mile,” Wade says. “She doesn’t know a stranger and always has a kind word for everyone she meets.”

Family: Boyfriend, Chris Carter, who has three kids, one of whom works with Sally at Ecco, and dog, Schnoodle, whom she has to visit on weekends at her parents’ so she can run the restaurant

Best advice from her parents: Hang with the motorboats not the anchors. Never forget that you will have to-do lists until you die, and take advantage of all professional development opportunities that come your way.

Ashley Freeman

Self-employed graphic designer

_E3Y40131Community involvement: Jefferson City Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors, Community Relations Committee; co-chair for 2013 American Heart Association Heart Ball; First United Methodist; Southwest Early Childhood Center; Younglife co-chair for 2013 YL Extravaganza; Jefferson City Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club

Karen Enloe, executive director for the JCPS Foundation, can’t say enough about Ashley Freeman and her contributions to the foundation. “Whenever we have a need for creativity, media relations, design questions, we always call on Ashley,” she says. “She has been an amazing addition to our foundation board.”

Freeman impressed Enloe the minute they met. “She was so approachable and warm, I knew she was the young professional we needed on our team,” she says.

Enloe believes Freeman, with her B.F.A. from Auburn University, is truly “one to watch” because she has so many things to contribute to the community and can be a great resource to so many people. Yet, though Freeman keeps up with the latest technology and social media to help promote her business and her clients, Enloe says she rarely toots her own horn. “She is very humble and has a quiet way of working and giving of herself,” she says.

Health conscience, Freeman also sets exercise goals and promotes healthy ways of cooking and eating. “She often shares some of the things that she has made or places she has frequented that are also healthy eating establishments,” says Enloe, who loves when Freeman brings her cooking creations for everyone to sample.

Most of all, Enloe says she appreciates Freeman’s dedication to the JCPS Foundation board and considers her their go-to person for many of their activities and projects. “I love her line that she often uses when we are holding an event or running out of time on a project,” Enloe says. “She simply states with a smile, ‘No worries,’ which means, ‘I have an idea; don’t worry because I can do that for you.’”

Enloe sees Freeman making a difference in Jefferson City in the years to come. “I see her working on other nonprofit boards in the future and helping Jefferson City be the best city in Missouri,” she says. “I know Ashley is helping our young professionals grow and is engaging others to come back to this great city to live, work and begin their families.”

Family: Husband and high school sweetheart, Ryan Freeman; 3-year-old lab, Bogey (the wonder dog), who would like nothing more than to chase their seven chickens

Best advice from her parents: I learned the value of quality family time from my father, who when I was young, used to take me out for Saturday breakfast. From my mother I learned to be an optimist. She is the type of person who always swoops in and cheers me up. By my parents’ actions, I learned to be the person I am today.

Matt Alsager

Commercial loan officer, Hawthorn Bank

_E3Y41491Community involvement: United Way Funds Allocation, United Way Team Development, United Way Board of Governors, Lincoln University Foundation Board of Directors, JC Chamber of Commerce, JC Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors, Rotary Satellite Group, Boy Scouts of America

“Matt Alsager is in the business of building relationships, which has helped him excel in his profession, commercial lending,” says Ed Stroesser, Alsager’s father-in-law, who adds that Alsager uses his gift of gab to grow these relationships and help businesses grow. “He also has a genuine interest in seeing his customers succeed, which drives him to go the extra mile for them.”

Enrolled in the MBA program at William Woods University, Alsager plans to graduate with his master’s in public relations in this summer. He also takes financial classes at Hawthorn Bank. Known for coming up with creative ideas, Alsagar was pivotal in developing a festival district in Jefferson City.

“Matt had seen this concept work well in St. Joseph, Mo., and suspected it would work here as well,” Stroesser says. Now Thursday Night Live is an annual event that attracts thousands of people to the capital city every June.

Overall, Stroesser believes Alsager is passionate about making Jefferson City a more attractive community for young professionals, which is so essential for future growth. “Matt takes much pride in his efforts to boost the area’s economic development effort with this target audience,” he says.

Family: Wife, Sarah, and a new baby boy due in August

Best mother’s advice: At a young age I lost my father and was raised my by mother. As you can expect, raising a boy, especially an active one like me, must have been an adventure. But she always told me, “Become the man your father would be proud of, live your life each day doing things that make you happy, and always open doors for women.” As an expecting father of a baby boy, the advice I will pass on to him will be, “Develop a passionate curiosity for life, and live by a philosophy of servant leadership.”

Ken Hussey

Community relations director, Jefferson City Area YMCA
State director, Missouri YMCA Youth in Government Program

_E3Y42341Community involvement: Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce Board Nominating Committee and Strategic Planning Committee; Jeff City START (Internship Program Committee); hYPe (Jefferson City area young professionals group) chairperson in 2010, currently education chair for the organization; Mid-Missouri Young Professionals Summit co-coordinator in 2011 and 2012; Missouri Governor’s Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values; Serve Jeff City; Rotary International JC Evening Rotary Club president in 2008-2009; elected to City Council, 3rd Ward in April 2013

Craig Lammers, CEO of the Jefferson City YMCA, knows Ken Hussey is a perfect fit for his position with the organization as well as an asset to the community as a whole. “He not only works closely with volunteers of the YMCA, but engages himself as a volunteer in our community,” he says.

In fact, Hussey’s community spirit, commitment and passion for improving the capital city are what Lammers feels make him stand out from the crowd and an excellent “Ones to Watch” choice. “Ken serves on numerous committees and communitywide projects,” he says. “Ken has embraced the role of the community relations director by involving himself in the community. He understands the importance of relationship building within the community.”

Lammers also considers Hussey a visionary who works hard to surround himself with people to get the job done. “Ken is a great example of someone that is not from Jefferson City but through his own initiative has become part of this community by his passion and desire,” he says.

Family: Wife, Kelsey; and two daughters: Lillian, 4, and Eleanor, 8 months

Best advice from his parents: The advice my parents gave me was not a one-sentence statement. Reflecting on my upbringing, I think the best advice from my parents was their encouragement of me to be involved and engaged in my community, starting with grade school and carrying forward now into adulthood. My parents set an example for my brothers and me by being involved themselves, and by doing so they were demonstrating for us the importance of making an impact in our community through service.

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