Whether this season finds you out hiking, on the hunt for a tree, or cuddled up under a blanket, Jefferson City retailers can help you do it in style. Find these pictured fall and winter essentials at Southbank Gift Company and American Shoe. Special thanks to Steve Tapee for letting us drive the 1966 Chevrolet C 10 1/2 ton pickup; JC Parks for the landscape; and 9-month-old Full European Harlequin Great Dane Lord Judge of Trapper Ridge and his handler, Colin Anthony.

From Southbank Gift Company:

  • Red Plaid Throw, $32.00
  • Tartan Plaid Candle w/ timer, $26.00
  • Black & White Checked Moving Flame w/ timer, $26.00
  • Natural Birch Bark candle small, $13.95
  • Red enamelware filled candles, $17.95 each
  • Large Red Lantern, $17.95
  • Nesting Seagrass Baskets: Large, $52.50; Medium; $39.50; Small, $27.50
  • Small Wooden Bowl, $51.00

From American Shoe:

  • ECCO GTX Gor-tex hunter green hiking boots, $230
  • Bos & Co waterproof tall red hiking boots, $245