With tinsel in the air and a twinkle in our eyes, it’s time to dive into our November/December 2023 “Party” issue and immerse ourselves in the art of celebration. Get ready to put on your party hats and experience the magic that comes with embracing a party state of mind!

In a community where good vibes and great causes go hand in hand, let’s fi ll our calendars with events that make a difference. From fundraisers to volunteer opportunities, let’s dance the night away with a purpose and celebrate the joy of giving back. After all, generosity has never looked so glamorous.

As we navigate the holiday whirlwind, remember that you’re the master of your own party playlist. Don’t feel pressured to attend every soirée, mingle at every gathering, or don a sequined outfit if it’s not your groove. Prioritize what brings you authentic happiness and protect your peace by saying “no” to the things that don’t align with your party vibes and personal well-being.

Whoever said parties are limited to wild nights and dance floors clearly never hosted a cleaning party, a laundry party, or even a tax party! Break free from the monotony and infuse the party spirit into the facets of everyday life. Turn chores into cheerful shindigs, and watch as even mundane tasks become an opportunity for laughter, connection, and good times.

This season, remember: it’s not just about the destination, it’s about savoring every lavish detail of the ride. So gather your confetti, put on your dancing shoes, and let the magic of the season guide us to the most unforgettable parties of the year.

Let’s get it started!
Missy McFerron, Publisher