Make an inviting home office with these virtual tools.

There have been more than a few changes to how we work and communicate, and you may have seen some crafty ideas from your fellow contacts when it comes to styling a home office. We’ve gotten together with local educator Heather Miller to see what virtual tools she’s found to be the most useful and how she’s made her home office fun, inviting, and practical.

Ring light: Using a ring light provides even lighting throughout your space and produces enough light for viewers to easily see you. 

Shiplap backdrop: A shiplap backdrop allows you to create a fun background without any glare from your room lighting.  

Monitor platform with drawer: Prevent looking down at your monitor by placing it on a monitor platform. For extra utility, find one with a drawer to store your pens and other handy items.

Rotating webcam: Using a rotating webcam not only gives your viewers better quality images, but it also allows you to work hands-free. 

IPEVO document camera: Give your viewers an up close look through the IPEVO document camera as you write on your documents.

Plexiglass whiteboard: Buy or DIY a plexiglass whiteboard small enough to fit within camera view.

A smart phone on wooden stand with white background

Phone stand: A phone stand lets you see any comments or questions that pop up in your chat during a conference.