Marketing Manager at Missouri River Regional Library

An avid believer that our community can only improve when we all work together, Natalie Newville, marketing manager at Missouri River Regional Library, knows that connecting with others has been critical to her success. 

“I am lucky that, with my role at Missouri River Regional Library, I’m able to help out and connect our resources with other organizations, which helps them succeed.” 

Natalie says she feels fortunate to have been able to create genuine connections in a variety of ways, like participating in the Chamber of Commerce’s leadership program. These connections have led her to some amazing friendships and a support network she relies on frequently. As a “connector,” Natalie thrives while helping others find solutions to their challenges.

Finding Mentors, Making a Home

While linking up with others has been key to Natalie’s success, identifying mentors to serve as role models has been equally important. Cyndy Schneiders, vice president at Central Bank has been a key role model and mentor for Natalie since moving to Jefferson City. 

 “I am so lucky to consider her a friend. If you know Cyndy, you love her,” Natalie says. “I have worked with Cyndy through a variety of organizations, and she has shown me the impact one person can really make. Cyndy is the perfect role model for Jefferson City transplants and shows that you can become an integral part of the community even if you are not from here.”  

Before meeting Cyndy, Natalie’s first mentor was her mother: “My mom is the hardest worker I know, and I am always amazed at what she can get accomplished in a day,” Natalie says. “I also get my inability to tell volunteer organizations ‘no’ from her.” 

Because of her mother’s influence, Natalie believes that if you can work hard, you can do great things. Natalie is now a mother to her daughter, Catherine, and when she and her husband, Kenney, had the choice to move anywhere in the country, Jefferson City is where they chose to plant their roots. 

“Kenney and I love our community, so we have worked hard to volunteer and get involved where we can. This is the only home Catherine has ever known, and we want her to love it and be as proud of it as we are.”

A Labor of Love

Natalie is excited about a number of upcoming initiatives at the library. She feels so lucky that her job enables her to be creative and develop new initiatives that benefit those around her. 

“I would love for the members of our community who love the library to tell a friend about it and encourage them to get their own library card,” Natalie says. “I would love to see decision-makers in businesses to encourage their employees to utilize our resources for training and continuing education, and for more people to embrace this phenomenal resource in our community.”

As president-elect of the Jefferson City West Rotary Club, she has supported the community in a variety of ways through the organization and looks forward to its growth in 2020. 

“As a young member, I know that other people my age don’t always see the value in service-oriented clubs, but the impact on the community is huge, and the networking opportunities have really helped my career,” she says. “I would love to see more people join us in our mission!”

Before moving to Jefferson City, her energy to educate took her far beyond the borders of her own community. Natalie worked as part of a group that went to Afghanistan and taught leadership skills to some of their emerging adult leaders as well as elementary-aged students at an international school — all while gaining her undergraduate degree. She was also able to travel to Ethiopia and work in an orphanage. She and her Kenney later moved to South Korea to teach English as a second language. She credits these experiences to many of her unique perspectives on life.


  • Jefferson City West Rotary Club
  • Ice Cream Splash Planning Committee
    Marketing Chair
  • Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce
    Social Media Forum Facilitator
  • Chamber Ambassador
  • State Tech Foundation
    Board Member
  • Capital Region Board of Governors
  • Leadership Jefferson City 2018
  • Downtown Business Association Board
    Living Windows Chair 2019
  • Westside Business Association
  • United Way Allocation Committee Member
  • Council for Drug Free Youth
    Publicity Committee
    Over the Edge Planning Committee
  • MPRA Marketing and Media
    Workshop Presenter
  • Missouri 2021 Cole County
    Planning Committee

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