Lindsey Rowden

Six honorees that are leaving their mark on Jefferson City

While it may only take one person to make a difference, Jefferson City Magazine recognizes six individuals and entities that are making substantial impacts in the lives of many. With their generosity and diligence, this group makes it their mission to put others before themselves, despite their already busy schedules. Not only have they given back to their community with enthusiasm, they are a privilege to work with and lead others by example. With this recognition, this set of six can now join their fellow Impact JCMO honorees in making Jefferson City a more beautiful place to live.

What started as a helping hand for a friend soon turned into a lifelong passion for volunteering. Lindsey Rowden began her volunteering journey several years ago with The HALO Foundation as the founder was a good friend of hers. Her involvement with the foundation introduced her to life-changing experiences that opened her eyes to the homelessness needs in Missouri — including those in her hometown of Jefferson City. As this year’s Most Impactful JCMO Volunteer, Lindsey aspires to set an example for her school-aged children and the community by providing support to those in need.

“We live a really blessed life and while our home and our box that we live in every single day looks a certain way,”Lindsey says. “I think it’s important that my kids and their friends know that not everyone’s box looks the same.”

Whether it’s helping to organize a nonprofit fundraiser or city government committee, you can find Lindsey front and center, ready to lend a helping hand or pro-vide thoughtful suggestions. Recently, Lindsey and her husband, Ryan, began volunteering at the new emergency shelter in Jefferson City, Room at the Inn. She has also dedicated her time to her church’s Fresh Start Market program to provide personal hygiene and home cleaning products to those who may not have access to such products otherwise.

As a mom of three, education is, and has always been, a top priority. So, Lindsey finds creative ways to weave that focus into her volunteerism. Currently in her second term on the Jefferson City School Board, she routinely volunteers at her children’s schools and has recently become a big sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jefferson City, who share the mission to provide children with local role models to develop one-on-one relationships. For at least an hour a week, Lindsey spends meaningful one-on-one time with her little at their elementary school.

“It’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever been able to do.The time commitment is a really small ask that can go really far. WhatI get out of it and what she gets out of it is so much more valuable than the little bit of time that I’m giving her.”

One day, the spark to do something came to Lindsey when she thought about all the time she spent doing meaningless tasks, like scrolling on her phone or watching TV shows. Instead of devoting hours to those activities, she sought out more meaningful outlets — ones that leave a lasting impact on her, her family, and the community.

As the family care specialist at Freeman Mortuary, Lindsey is passionate about supporting others during difficult times. Through the funeral home’s Continuing Care Program, she’s able to provide aid and resources to families who recently lost loved ones. Between her supportive attitude and giving nature, she hopes to leave a lasting impact in Mid-Missouri.

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