March 19, 2017


Do you ever pick up an apple or an orange and look at the calorie, carb, and sugar content on it? I know I don’t, because they aren’t on there, but furthermore, I know that if it came from the earth, it is probably very good for me. Lately I feel like the questions I’ve been getting are all about weight loss. Definitely eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking Mo Juice will decrease your overall cravings for bad food.  More and more people today are focusing on losing weight or keeping their weight down. The health industry is at one it’s highest peaks in history, and our overall health should be our main goal, which often includes weight loss.


I hesitated to embark on this next journey because I didn’t want everyone to look at the videos and think it was all about weight loss. For those of you that haven’t seen the documentary, Fat, Sick,& Nearly Dead, you should watch it now. Mo Juice is starting its first YouTube series currently being filmed with a similar concept as Joe in the documentary. We endeavor to prove that when you fill your body with goodness for a certain length of time, it heals itself, like running on high octane combined with an engine cleaning component. We have seen study after study of the positive effects that good food has on our bodies, so we wanted to do our own “at-home” study and bring you all along to experience the journey with us.

We are seven days into our 30-day Juice Jumpstart, and when I say “we” I mean, Steve Busby, and Michael Eckley. Michael is a juice pro and has done his own juicing with juice fasts in the past. Michael lives in Columbia with his wife and daughter, plus one on the way. Michael’s last 45-day juice fast was over the holidays, making all of his own juice. This guy endured the test above all tests — Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! 

Michael was pre Diabetic and Hypertensive. Over the course of his juice fast he was able to stop taking all of his medications and reverse many of his health problems. When ending the last juice fast, Michael explained to me that he didn’t have a very good exit strategy. Michael has now been seeing a nutritionist and personal trainer, making sure to be well prepared both during and after these next 30 days. Steve Busby, a/k/a my better half, is not new to juicing – thanks to Mo Juice! The longest juice jumpstart Steve has done was 4 days.

Steve has always found himself frustrated with his overall health and although he has tried a number of things out there, he has never felt as good as he did during the 4 day juice jumpstart he did a couple months ago. If you were to ask him, he would say that he would have kept going, but we ran out of juice! He is determined to do this 30 days because he wants to prove to himself he can do it. There may or may not be an M1 Taylormade driver  at the end of the 30 days, that he’s using for extra motivation.

Both of these awesome guys are going to keep us posted on how they feel and what they’re up to along the way. We will be posting all of our videos to our YouTube channel, so you should go follow us ASAP because you won’t want to miss out!

They are both going to lose weight, but the main focus for this project is observing the overall health statistics. We will be documenting several things throughout the next 30 days, including lipids, cholesterol, body fat percentage, BMI, and blood pressure. What these guys will endure during the next 30 days won’t be easy, but they are already starting to feel more energy. The first ten days are always the hardest! Join us in encouraging them through the next 23 days!


Disclaimer: We are not licensed nutritionists or doctors, but both Steve and Michael are checking in with medical professionals weekly. Please seek your professional advice before doing a juice jumpstart.


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