I frequent MO Boulevard, often zipping from my office to and from appointments. I love it, and during the lunch hour, it really increases my defensive driving skills. No left turns, you know, or will know, what I’m saying!  


To start my day out, I love grabbing a coffee from my buddy Heather who works at Starbucks or heading over to JC Health Foods and picking up some of their amazing loose leaf teas.


When gathering all my friends up to take an extended lunch, we go to Hunan Chinese Restaurant! We dine on the best crab rangoon in town. My favorite dish is their Cashew Chicken.

Afternoon Activity:

To kill some time in the day, shopping for home décor and staging items at Homegoods and TJ Maxx can be an enthralling activity. I love that they always have new items that align with each season, and let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible to walk out their door without finding your new favorite accessory. My husband loves that I rarely get time to go shopping! I also love taking a trip to Hobby Lobby when I’ve got a special project up my sleeve.


Grab yourself a cool beverage and an order of homemade chips from Lutz’s BBQ!  


The place to be on MO Boulevard is Love Sushi. Their sushi and other items on their menu are absolutely delicious, and it’s a fun place to gather with friends and try new things (and be prepared for the birthday music). Any first-timer can tell you that the drumbeat and flashing lights will be jarring the moment you hear and see them, but it’s very fun once you know what’s going on.


The perfect ending to round out any hot day is a trip to Sno Biz (open seasonally). I’m a traditional cherry sno cone kind of girl, but every time I try my kid’s tigers-blood sno cone, I’m reminded that I need to branch out and try new flavors!

Love Sushi

The place to be on MO Boulevard is Love Sushi.

Beth McGeorge

MO Boulevard is lined with so many businesses and restaurants that it can be almost daunting to choose where you will go next. However, one thing in this area you must give a try is finding Pokestops for items in Pokémon Go. My oldest son loves to go look for Pokestops along MO Boulevard. He swears it has some of the best ones!  

Beth McGeorge
Beth McGeorge

Beth McGeorge is a proud business owner, wife, and  mother of four. She’s a believer in miracles (ask her sometime, it’s a good story). Her passions outside of real estate include yoga, gardening, traveling, and family time.