Mitchell W. Woodrum

Captain in the Missouri Army National Guard: commander, 1251st Transportation Company: and budget officer, Department of Logistics  ||  Graduate of the Washington University Military Science ROTC Program and currently in the final semester of a master’s degree in management and leadership

Community involvement:

  • Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE)
  • Jefferson City Human Relations Commission, chairman
  • Capitol City Cinema, president
  • Missouri Contemporary Ballet, board of directors
  • Jefferson City Arts Foundation, board of directors
  • Southside Philharmonic Orchestra, board of directors
  • Jefferson City Cultural Arts Foundation, commissioner

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in business?

People are a businessperson’s greatest asset. Building relationships and trust within a team allows for maximum success in whatever business you’re in. The opportunity to lead is a privilege that you should never take lightly. Be loyal to those that you lead and they will return that loyalty with success.

What is the importance of community involvement?

Leaving your community in better shape than you found it. In every community, I feel that there is need for improvement, and that improvement is driven from community boards. We are so lucky to live in a community as great as Jefferson City, and we should all work to continuously improve it. 

Who do you consider a mentor or role model in Jefferson City, and why?

I consider Lucia Kincheloe a role model in Jefferson City.

What upcoming project are you looking forward to working on?

One upcoming project I’m looking forward to working on is the partnership that has been secured between the Capitol City Cinema and KMOS-TV, the local PBS affiliate. The partnership includes multiple pre-air, multi-topic screenings at the cinema that fulfills the cinema’s mission of “education through film.”

What is something in work, philanthropy, or life that you’re passionate about?

I am very passionate about serving as the chairman for the Human Relations Commission. I strongly believe in equal rights for all citizens in our community. I believe that we all have more in common than we know. We must learn to embrace all people, love all people, and realize that we are a community regardless of whether we agree on every issue.

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