Age: 33

Morning anchor, KRCG13 

Feelings about your own progress

To be honest, I’m feeling frustrated with my body. I’ve been working so hard, eating right, exercising a lot, and doing it consistently, but have seen very little change. I’m hoping my body is just taking a while to rebound after having a baby so recently. I am loving the experience though. If nothing else, I know my endurance is a lot better, I feel stronger, and I’ve made so many new friends.

I am stronger!


“Megan is on point with her workout routine, and I’m so proud of her! She is working out four to five times a week at the studio consistently.” — Erin Bidlack 

“The best part about getting healthier is learning what will work best for you. Megan is doing amazing at learning what works for her busy lifestyle, and we are excited to see the progression!” — Angela Bax

Initial Inbody | Current

SMM: 56.2 > 54.5
PBF: 40.3 < 38.7
BMI: 29.3 > 27.6