Vision is matched with expertise from Regina and Ray Green who bring sound design and exceptional features to this custom-built home.

The partnership just felt right when these homeowners decided to enlist a husband and wife team to build and design their craftsman-style home. With attention to detail as one of their strengths, they spent years thinking over all of the nuances and possibilities of building a home of their own.

Today, their home on Tanner Bridge Road sits atop two acres and is close enough to town for convenience yet far enough away to hear cows mooing, chickens clucking and the neighing of a horse that lives next door. Ideal collaboration between homeowners, builder and interior designer made the project all the sweeter and one that more than met expectations.


Referred by a colleague, Regina Green, interior designer with Scruggs Lumber, and Ray Green, builder, with Ray Green Construction, agree that the finished product was the result of a trusting relationship and a high level of respect among all parties.

According to the homeowners: “We liked the fact that Ray and Regina are married because they were constantly talking over the project. Even during construction, Regina knew every stage, and when necessary she could communicate through Ray what needed to happen next (like picking out tile). Although we had ideas of what we wanted and how it should look, sometimes it wasn’t the way it needed to look. Regina steered us in the right direction without stepping on our toes. She had a great vision, and we relied on her a lot.”

Construction of the home, which is quite often not a painless process, went smoothly. “Ray has been doing this for a while and it was never a matter of ‘this is the way we do it,’” the owner says. “Rather, we would say this is what we want and he would respond, ‘Sure, we can do that,’ and it would be done. We spent many lunch hours there and would go over immediately after work to review plans or iron out more details.


“Because of Ray’s experience, he had the knowledge to accomplish what we wanted but was also able to save money. For instance, the transoms above the windows, rather than buying them as part of the window, were bought separately. It was a less expensive solution and it looks perfect,” he says.

With all the comforts and conveniences of a new build, many of the home’s custom features, such as coffered ceilings, taller baseboards and door-frames and a wood-burning stove, give the house a quaintness not often found in homes of the current century.

“The fireplace is unique as it has a porcelain wood-burning stove within it,” Ray says. It’s more than what meets the eye because the way we have it set up, it can distribute heat throughout the entire house.”


Supplied photos and a lot of careful listening helped Ray throughout the project “They were specific about things they wanted and somethings had to be highly customized to make it work for code and functionality,” Ray says. “In the end, everything they brought to me in the photographs is exactly what they have in the finished product. I think that’s what they like best because they ended up with exactly what they wanted. The house has great curb appeal and a lot of things that you just don’t see in this area.”

Regina’s favorite features include the home’s unique color scheme, natural stone used inside and out, a flagstone porch, deck floors, granite counter-tops and travertine custom shower.

“There are so many distinctive touches,” she says. “I especially like the subtle yellow color of the kitchen cabinets. We used a light pickle-colored paint for the island, which aren’t your standard neutrals, but nothing screams at you. It’s classic, clean and open. It’s got a great feel.”



Ray Green Construction: builder
Regina Green: interior designer
Scruggs Lumber Carpet One: frame and finish
materials, flooring, tile and lightning.
Darryl Wolken Custom Cabinets
Jeff Lute Electric
David L. Vieth: plumbing
Lage & Hartman Masonry
Leon Muenks Insulation, LLC
Mike Simpson: drywall
Stieferman Heating Company: heating & cooling
Capital City Home Maintenance: siding and soffit
Olsen Concrete: construction
Callaway Foundation