How to host the best pool parties in the neighborhood.

There’s a lot to be said about everything moms do to oversee the details of everyday life. They work to ensure everything is perfect, down to even the smallest detail. But, dads make magic happen, too; they just might do things a little differently.

Kids enjoying a pool party.
Kids enjoying a pool party.

Sometimes, the job of a dad is to remember the big picture of what the goal of the party is. Most kids, friends, and neighbors won’t remember that the napkins were color coordinated or that there were 12 different kinds of beverages offered. People remember how they felt during the event, and the goal is to make sure fun is always on the menu. Not too long ago, childhood parties were far more casual, and planned at the last minute, but people still had a great time! If the hosts are stressed out to the max planning the perfect event, then what would be the point?

At the end of the day, remember the reason to entertain friends at the pool is to have fun, enjoy a rare tech-free afternoon, and create memories that will last a lifetime. If a pool is not in your budget, try a waterslides or bounce house rentals for special events. For those random summer days, even a hose and sprinkler can make magic on a boring afternoon! We only get so many summers to enjoy with the kids before they are grown and raising a family of their own. Daily lives are so over-scheduled these days, so schedule some fun in the sun! You’ll never regret making good memories with your family and friends.


  • Prep the night before. Nothing is worse than being too exhausted from setting up to enjoy the party.
  • Setup food and drinks to be restocked easily and don’t be afraid to ask for help from those in attendance. Most people actually want to help contribute to the event and like having a task every now and then.
  • Add something extra people aren’t expecting to blow their minds. They go absolutely bonkers over things like cotton candy machines, Sno-Cone machines, and popcorn machines. These are inexpensive ways to elevate the experience for your family and guests.
  • Get creative with seating and shade. Sure, you can ask friends to bring folding chairs, but nothing says welcome quite like offering a cold drink, a comfy chair in the shade, and a pool-side view.
  • Be sure to prep and monitor pool chemicals ahead of time. You can run and get a last-minute bag of ice, but you cannot speed up the process of turning your pool from green to crystal clear.
  • Have extra towels, sun-block, and other poolside items prepped and available for guests. Nothing stresses out a guest more than finding out they left their pool gear sitting at home on the dining table.
  • If cooking isn’t your thing, consider catering the food. Catering gives more time to play and make memories in the water with the kids by removing the monumental task of feeding an army of friends. If you love standing over a grill and watching the kids play, catering may not be the move, but at least utilize a smoker, Crock-Pot, or make ahead meals to free up your time for what matters most.

BONUS TIP: Avoid food you need to keep cool. Find which snacks to buy that don’t require a lot of babysitting. There’s plenty of that already with several kids and all their friends.