Your Own Way

How did your business get started? My business started in July of 2014. I graduated high school in 2014 and had been working auctions for years. My motivation to go into the industry was primarily my grandparents. They ran this successful local company and with my business mindset, I felt I could help the company grow and continue to succeed.

What’s been your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it? Being in a very competitive industry at a young age. It was very difficult to build my business and ask people to trust in me with their biggest financial decision when I was in my late teens/early 20s when there are a number of great seasoned Realtors in the area. I found that I had to work hard, educate myself more, and prove my value more than every Realtor out there to ensure my success.

Three words that best describe you? Honest, motivated, knowledgeable.

How do you define success/celebrate a win? In my industry, success is providing great resources and information for clients to then make the best decisions. When a past client calls and has built great wealth in an investment, that is the best win. It has been very rewarding to help clients I assisted in purchasing properties over the years now reaping the benefits of their investments.

What sets you apart from your competition? I believe my honesty and knowledge of all facets of the industry is most beneficial. I try to work hard and continue to educate myself so that my clients are the most informed they can be.

Any awards or notables? I was voted second best Realtor in CITY’s Best 2020. I have been voted one of the top Realtors by the News Tribune Readers Choice. I was CITY Magazine’s Ones to Watch class of 2018, and I have been nominated for JCABOR Community Achievement Award and Jefferson City Chamber’s Employee of the Year.

How is community involvement important to your business? One of my main passions is being able to help our community thrive in any way I can. Being able to support and assist with different organizations and events is a main priority to me. Seeing and continuing to help our community thrive makes Central Missouri a better place to work, live, and play.

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