Easy upgrades to make a bathroom feel more luxurious.

There are several ways to make a bathroom feel more luxurious — from finishes, lighting, and technology to design features like elegant faucets or wall coverings.

Steam Shower

1. Steam showers 

Imagine a steam shower, glass walls from floor to ceiling, and beautiful tile walls. They can aid in respiratory health, skin care, detoxification, and holistic health and can be used in conjunction with essential oils, which can bring other benefits.

Within that steam shower, envision a teak fold-up seat. Smell the tropical aroma from your scented shower head. Feel the body sprays, and let the rain fall down on you from the overhead rain shower. When you step out, imagine stepping onto a teak mat and reaching for a towel that has been hanging on your towel warmer, and notice the warmth and refreshing feel. This is certainly one idea of luxury.

Therapeutic Tubs

2. Therapeutic tub experiences

Tubs now offer many different levels of therapies like air, whirlpool, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, steam baths, and microsilk to name a few. Each one serves a distinct purpose. Aromatherapy with your essential oils will stimulate your senses, and chromotherapy will help with de-stressing from the day. This will help those who suffer from migraines or epilepsy, when a harsh overhead light may be too much and having an ambient light would be better suited. While you’re considering these choices, also consider adding heated tile floors. 

Shower heads

3. Showerheads 

Showerheads can contain spa-inspired fragrances for a pleasant sensory experience in the shower. These can also be used in conjunction with body sprays or large rainheads, which remotely change spray functions and include integrated LED lighting and Bluetooth options for more relaxation. 

Remote Controlled Toilets

4. Toilets

Most may not consider the toilet, but having a toilet with a concealed trap or a skirted design is a simple way to add a more luxurious look

Granite Countertop and sink

5. Sinks

Change your bowls from a traditional white undermount to one that adds texture or color. Perhaps even going into concrete, copper, or glass would enhance your design. You may want to even consider a vessel bowl.

6. Countertops

Another design and decor area to add would be on your countertop, using stone such as Dekton, quartz, or granite. 

Different Hardware Selections

7. Hardware

Cabinet hardware is often overlooked, but many designers look at these as the jewelry to their design. Various shapes, finishes, and styles can add a little extra pop to a simple design.

Bathroom with Accent Wall

8. Accent Wall

Don’t forget your backsplash. Observe your height and space and bring it all the way up to the ceiling. Patterned walls also aid in creating a more appealing space. It wouldn’t have to be all the walls, but you can use one as your focal point. 

9. Lighting 

You can add wall sconces, chandeliers, a light in your shower, and a strip light under or on top of your cabinets for an ambient glow that will add drama to your bathroom lighting. 

10. Mirrors

Mirrors can add a nontraditional shape and element to a space, breaking up harsh lines and making a room look larger. 

These luxurious upgrades go beyond making the most of your bathroom space and prove that quality appliances and bold designs can make any home bathroom your very own personal spa

Angie Finton