212 Madison St.

Determined, Loyal, Dedicated

Some kids who grow up around a family business can grow tired of it. Those kids probably didn’t grow up around a flower shop.

Lauren Moscato grew up in River City Florist and Gifts, the business her father, Mike Moscato, has owned for over 30 years. Lauren started working for her dad in 2010 and was named part owner in 2014.  

“My dad and I are always here, and we truly care about this industry,” Lauren says. “I think people liking coming into the store and always being able to talk to either of us.”

Since officially coming on staff, Lauren has continued to build on River City’s reputation for excellence and reliability. They check all designs three different ways to make sure they’re perfect before going out the door. They’re the florist for the Governor’s Mansion and in charge of beautification projects in Downtown Jefferson City.  

Because the shop has been such a constant presence in her life, it’s easy for Lauren to give all of herself to her work. “River City has always been in my life,” she says. “And the best part of my job is working with my dad — and having the opportunity to run his businesses as successfully as he has for the last 30 years.”