369 S. Summit Dr.
Holts Summit

Driven, Perfectionistic, Passionate

Kristina McMichael-Schwant believes that if you do something you love, you will do it better than anyone else.
Kristina’s career as a real estate agent started in 2003 after a lively family dinner conversation at her brother’s house. “We were discussing repacking our careers and what we’d do if we could become anything we wanted,” Kristina shares. “As we went around the table, I shared the idea of becoming a Realtor.”
The admission got Kristina thinking, and she called her father the next day. “I told him we should open a real estate company,” she says. “He was surprised, but agreed it was the perfect time in his life as well.” By the end of that summer, McMichael Realty, Inc. was open.
Kristina’s interest in the real estate profession began while working in her parents’ rental houses as a kid. There was always a project going on, and she learned at an early age how to work hard and dig in to get the job done.
“As a child, I would also rearrange my room a lot. There was always a new way to make it look, and I was going to create it,” Kristina shares. “I have always been good at putting color combinations together and making everything work.” Kristina enjoys using those skills in working with new builds. “I like working on a project until completion and making something from the ground up,” she says.
Kristina believes that McMichael Realty has a personality and flavor all its own because it’s a growing extension of the countless hours their team puts into making it the best it can be. “We have passion, expression, and perfectionism behind the work we do and we enjoy the people we meet,” Kristina says. “It’s more than just a job for us. It is who we are.”