Owned by Dr. Bryce and Zoe Koelling

We remember in 1998, when God led us to Fulton, not knowing anyone and trusting in him that he would allow us to bloom where we were planted. A banker finally believed in us, individuals trusted us, and our family has grown with us. We started day one with an entire family as new patients and continued to help nearly 500 new patients that year! 20 years later, he led us to open the Jefferson City clinic, and we’ve helped more than 15,000 people!

Ribbon cutting at the original Koelling Family Chiropractic Fulton location
March 1, 1999: Ribbon cutting at the original Fulton location
Koelling Family Chiropractic team photo at the Jefferson City location
2023: Team photo at the Jefferson City location

The best day has not been one day, but every day seeing lives changed and hope and potential restored. It’s amazing to share the success of each day with each other after the sweat and tears behind the scenes. We always celebrate with an adventure somewhere — whether it be a fun dining experience or a trip to the lake. When we first told our family and friends about starting our business, they were excited to cheer us on and be our biggest encouragers. It’s been amazing to have such supportive family and friends these past 25-plus years to remind us of who we are and who we are here to serve. When we go home, it’s hard not to keep working. Not only are we constantly dreaming together, but we are constantly trouble shooting the day to help our team function more efficiently. Our favorite thing about working with each other is knowing that with God, we are in charge of our journey and outcome. We get to choose what we do and then share the wins, failures, and growth together.

We never shy away from accepting any case with our clinics to figure out what our role is in assisting them. Nearly always, with using the original Gonstead hands-on chiropractic specialty, we are able to help.

“The best day has not been one day, but every day seeing lives changed…”

Our legacy is always developing. We plan to have more clinics to help change more lives — including younger doctors joining us on this amazing journey. Our oldest daughter was 1 year old when our clinic opened in 1999. This year she will graduate as a doctor of chiropractic and join our team. Our other three children have also all grown up learning the importance of striving for excellence while working hard to be a difference maker, no matter what their God plan is.

Our biggest advice would be to not compromise your dreams or your values. Be a blessing to others expecting nothing in return and focus on being a difference maker. “We never know how far reaching something we may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow,” says BJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic.

Therefore, we never take for granted what we do, who we help, or the risks that we take for others to grow. Our four children have pitched in over the years, helping with lots of the behind the scenes roles as well as in the clinic. But most importantly, they’ve been steady encouragers and have grown into young adults dedicated to excellence and hard work.

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