Jamie King, owner/director; Julie Baker, owner; Midge Glavin, assistant director/teacher; Kids Unlimited Preschool and Childcare Center
1108 Fairgrounds Rd.


Over five years ago, the word began to spread that Kids Unlimited would be shutting their doors. As a working mother, Julie Baker knew that this would be devastating to many working families who needed great child care, so Julie and her husband approached Jamie King, now owner and director of the center, about going into business together and running the center themselves.

A military wife and mother of four, Jamie was understandably hesitant. After thoughtful prayer and consideration, she knew that God had a plan for her and her family. “I was full of fear and uncertainty,” says Jamie, “but I knew and felt the Lord’s peace in making this decision.”

Jamie’s love of child care began in college, where she started working at a preschool her freshman year. She went on to get her degree in public relations, and this combination of skills allows her to run and market a successful child care center. “You could say that I didn’t pick this profession, but that it picked me,” she says. “I am so thankful it did.”

Julie and Jamie find success through faith and the relationships they build with the children and families at Kids Unlimited. “Our families want to support other families in this journey of life,” says Jamie. “We want to walk beside them and help them during the difficult child-rearing times. We hope and pray we can provide a foundation in their educational journey that centers around God.”

The entire staff of Kids Unlimited work together seamlessly toward a common goal. “We are a team that provides care to another strong team of women who count on us to provide the best care for their children,” says Jamie. “We’re all a team!”