Your Own Way

What is the name of your business? Indigo the Salon was created simply for my love of the color Indigo. The salon was a great touch to add for people to recognize us as a hair salon.

What is your product or service? We are a full-service hair salon including select skincare services also. We carry Eufora and Matrix hair products and Epicuren skincare. The team, including myself, specializes mainly in hair color and highlighting. We do a lot of hair color and enhancements too, such as extensions on the head and eyelashes.

When and how did your business get started? The dream of owning my own salon starts back in 2005 as a new stylist. I come from a long list of hairstylists and a huge family full of business owners, so owning was definitely no question. The idea of Indigo was born in 2017 and opened in May 2018 with the help of my very supportive husband who spent countless hours building it out from scratch. I like to call it my first Pinterest board that’s ever come to life!

What’s your go-to industry-specific podcast/book you recommend? Brit Seva, The Thriving Stylist podcast. I’m also a big fan of re-reading “The Rhinoceros’ Success.” It’s a great metaphor for all leaders to be a rhino. Read it, you’ll understand once you do.

What are your future goals? One year from now I wish to be a million-dollar salon with 10 stylists. Five years from now I want the salon to be debtfree with 10-13 stylists and myself working only days. 10 years from now I want my own building with more square feet or two locations. One in Jefferson City one in Columbia.

What kind of culture exists in your organization and how did you establish it? Indigo is a space where an artist can grow creatively and financially. The culture is very creative, respectful, hungry for learning and mutual friendships. We all are always hands-on with helping each other and offering suggestions to make the clients feel like they’re in the right place.

Do you use any entrepreneurial tricks to keep you motivated and productive in your day-to-day business schedule? The salon does continue education quarterly. That motivates us as salon professionals, but honestly, a great workout in the morning and a podcast episode on the drive around town to school, gym, coffee, home, and work are my simple tricks to staying productive each day.

Anything else you would like to add? Indigo the Salon is truly the best seat in town. It’s all about going at it your own way. To be a successful business owner in a small community, you have to gain mutual respect from the people. This includes getting out there, joining local gyms, churches, school functions, and fundraisers. People need to see your participation in order to feel like participating with you! This is why I enjoy getting out and being involved on so many platforms with local community members.

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