Indigo the Salon

Full-Service Salon

What’s your company mission?
Our mission at Indigo is to make everyone feel and look their best while treating them with kindness and integrity. That passion creates the culture, as a team, that effortlessly grows creatively, spiritually, and financially.

What services do you provide?
We are a full-service salon, which includes both hair services and skin services.

What’s been your biggest failure or struggle – how did you overcome it?
Failure is temporary, so I think of them as learning curves. It’s taken me four-and-a-half years to truly manage the business side. I’m a creative, an artist, and I don’t do numbers daily. I learned to hire out all my finance duties. It makes the business run so much better and everyone is happier.

How do you define success & how do you celebrate a win?
Our staff has personal benchmarks, and when those benchmarks are met every three to six months consecutively, raises are given. The contests not only help them reach those benchmarks easier, but they constantly are competing with their last month’s benchmarks to keep growing. The whole salon celebrates with balloons and gifts for clients to see somebody reach their goal.

What motto do you and your company live by?
Kindness and integrity with a big heart is sacred.

Do you have any advice for those just getting started?
Owning a business is not about the owner, it is about the employees. My job is not only to take care of my clients behind the chair but to take care of the employees and their goals.

What are you most thankful for in your line of work?
I’m so thankful for the opportunity to know so many people in my community. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to know we’ve helped so many people spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Our profession is truly not all about vanity. It is really about connection, and I feel one of our biggest strengths at this salon company is the ability to truly build relationships.

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