President, Bee Seen Ad Specialites, Inc. and Bee Seen Signs & Vinyl Graphics
507 Babe Ruth Dr.

Hard-Working, Competitive, Humorous

Driving down Whitton Expressway, it’s difficult to miss the sign showcasing the goings on at the Miller Performing Arts Center. A statement piece, the sign is an artistic label of the old building. “The sign was a vision of my husband’s,” says Judy Dietzel. “With thoughts of the World Trade Center and the steel protruding from the ground after 9/11, he drew it on a napkin and gave it to our son, who came up with the architectural design.”

Bee Seen Signs & Vinyl Graphics was established in 1976, the vision of Judy’s husband, Junior. In 1987, Judy joined Junior in the business, incorporating Bee Seen Ad Specialties, Inc. in 1990. Due to her hard work and love for the business, Judy became president of the company in 2008.

Truly a family affair (Judy and Junior’s sons, Tony and Travis, are also co-owners), BSS works closely with their clients and each other to provide a spectacular product. “We’ve always kept up with technology,” says Judy. “We were the first in the state to go with machines to cut vinyl, with more tech and equipment brought in since.”

This work ethic began at a young age for Judy. Her first job was as a carhop at age 12, and she hasn’t stopped working since. “I learned the value of hard work by working hard,” she says.

Starting with only five employees, three of whom still work there, the company has now grown to 13. “We have excellent team members at BSS (and VG) who know what they’re doing and do it well,” Judy says.