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Honest, Conscientious, Friendly

Numbers have always come easily to Judy. She knew from an early age her career would involve mathematics and problem solving, which lead to a successful career at a local CPA firm for 18 years. She enjoyed her time there but yearned for something more, so she started her own CPA firm.

“Public accounting gives me the diversity I crave,” she says. “Each day has a new problem to solve. There is always something new to explore.”

Judith is now able to focus one-on-one attention on her clients. “It often becomes personal, getting to know not only the client’s business and professional goals, but also their personal so we can set out to achieve both,” she says. Her favorite quote is “Life is like accounting, everything must be in balance.”

“I’m a new entrepreneur myself, so I understand small business pains first-hand,” she says. “Listening to a business owner talk about their business is exciting and renews my passion for my own business. We all went into business because we love what we do and how it can help others.”

Brenneke is a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor and can assist you with any tasks you throw her way, including her full-service accounting program in which she handles it all for you. She brings a lot more to the table than simply crunching numbers.