What three words most accurately describe him?
Hard-working, loyal, role model.

What was your first impression of him, and is it the
same now?

When I first started working for my dad, I was 18 and just needed a job, not even thinking where it would go from there. He taught me from the ground up and made me work hard just like he did. Even back then, he was a legend, and from there, it’s continued. We’ve gone through a lot, and even through all the crazy, he still shows the love of a father, which I hope to always show to my kids. 

When and how did you realize how important he was going to be in your life?
When I became a father, I started to realize how important he and the business are. I started to see what he’d done for me and the path I wanted to follow. I always knew he was important, but the older I get, the more I see how important he is in my life and how grateful I am for him. 

Joel Mietzner, EcoWater Systems, Sales & Service Tech and past owner and his son, Adam Mietzner

How does he encourage/teach you?
Besides the father-son banter, we tend to have the same personality and attitude. He teaches me by example. He lets me know when I’ve done something right and/or different ways to do things.

What do you think he really loved about their career?
He loved the people! The customers continually made his day. I know he’s built so many strong relationships just by showing up for them and treating them with the utmost respect. The stories and memories are priceless! 

What quotes or sayings does he use most often?
“Well, you know when I was your age…”

What is his greatest strength?
His personality. He’s welcoming and makes people feel like they have known him their whole life even if they have never met him before. He is a people person and likes to take the time to get to know you. 

What do you most admire about him?
Every day he gets up and gives it his all. He doesn’t stop until everything is taken care of, and he’s prepared for the next day. I admire the leader he is in this community and seeing the relationships he’s built. The quote “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” had to have been made for him.

How do you hope to emulate him professionally and/or personally?
He has created big shoes to fill, and I just hope to step into them in a way that honors him and what he has created. 

Anything embarrassing we should know about him?
Shortly after my wife and I started dating, we went to the Men of the Club (event), where he proceeded to wear his speedo for the swimsuit competition and do a tap dance routine for his talent.

What else do you want to share about him?
His grandkids are his world. Well, second to our beloved ‘Pure Water Pam!’

Narrated by his son,
Adam Mietzner
CEO, EcoWater Systems