Community Asset Builders (CAB) LLC

If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of Community Asset Builders LLC, it’s because they’re the best kept secret in town. The company primarily helps nonprofit clients confidentially — yet confidently — fulfill their mission and reach their long-term goals. Joe Lopez is front and center helping them get there.

Lopez, whose primary responsibilities are strategic growth and resource development for CAB, is a familiar face in Jefferson City. A hometowner, he and his wife, Lori, are active in the community with their four sons, ages 7 through 14. He can be found coaching sports through Jefferson City Parks and Recreation and the Parochial Athletic League or volunteering at one of the many local organization he supports, including HALO, the Helias Foundation, the Jefferson City Football Foundation, and St. Stanislaus Church and School. But it’s his role at work that has garnered the most community support.

“I wear a different hat almost every day,” Lopez says. “We get inside the heart of each nonprofit we serve. CAB exists at its core to fight for the underdog and the less fortunate. We break down those barriers to help nonprofits accomplish what people said they could never do.”

CAB, led by Suzanne Alewine and Doris Boeckman, has been in existence for 16 years with a strong mission to work behind the scenes to allow nonprofits across the state reach their full potential. Lopez is also joined by a dedicated team of researchers, GIS specialists, fundraisers, and procurement specialists all working together to help others.

“We call the work we do as a team the work of our hands,” Lopez says. “We just want to bless people. We are more than a company. We are a cause.”

His passion for the work and his ability to get things done in this community stood out on his Ones to Watch nomination. His friend and colleague Jason Jett pointed to his significant work with the Helias Foundation, including being a strong champion in raising millions for the capital campaign to build the new facilities at Helias Catholic High School.

Humble in all things, Lopez focuses only on the future and the simple yet meaningful goals ahead for CAB. Expand and help more nonprofits. Stay innovative. Have fun. He hopes the hard work now will bear fruit for many years to come in his hometown. It’s why he wears so many hats and cares so much about the relationships he builds. They make a difference for the future.

“We’ve been personally blessed in a lot of different ways, and we want to be a blessing to others,” Lopez says. “Most importantly, we want to leave a meaningful legacy to benefit generations to come.”

Where do you most want to travel?

Australia. I’m intrigued with the cultural immersion, adventurous spirit, customs, and way of life of the people. Both the remote beaches and the prehistoric rainforests sound exciting and captivating.

Community Involvement:

Safetynet of Missouri
Helias Catholic High School
Saint Raymond’s Society
St. Stanislaus School and Church
Knights of Columbus
Jefferson City Parks and Recreation

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