Writing your job posting: 

Write your job posting from a marketing angle — don’t use a job description. Use the Hemingway app or Textio to help make your posting more unique. Alchemy Text can help to see if the posting is hitting the mark.

Viewing your job:

Take the time to look at one of your job postings on your phone. How easy is it to view or understand? Keep in mind that the majority of your applicants will search for jobs via smartphone. 

Applying for your job: 

Go through your online application using your phone. What barriers did you encounter? Make your initial application as easy as possible so applicants don’t quit partway through. You can get all the HR and legal information at a later step: Initially, you just need contact information. If you need to redo your online application, Jotform is an online application builder that is really easy to use.

Google your business:

See what comes up when you Google your business. Look at your website. How many clicks does it take to find out about open positions and apply? Work to keep it to no more than two.

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Michelle Varcho

Michelle Varcho is the director of education outreach for 3RNet, a graduate of Columbia College, and holder of a human resources certification since 2003. She has lived and worked in Jefferson City since 1999 with her husband, Nick, and her two sons, Eric and James.