Age: Guess!

Occupation: Public Health Research Analyst

“The only person who can truly stop you from achieving your goals is yourself.” That’s Jeremy’s motto — and something he’ll keep in mind during his upcoming fitness journey. Jeremy’s goals are straightforward: improving his overall health, his athletic performance, and his personal appearance. “Just not having to carry the baggage of weight, both physically and emotionally, internally and externally, is liberating,” he says. At one point, Jeremy lost weight through a “starvation diet,” but he learned that the approach wasn’t the best for keeping off pounds. Today, he’s committed to getting fit so he can “feel life to the fullest.” The reward he has in sight? Going on a cruise where he feels “confident enough to lay out under the sun on the top deck with no shirt on.”

I want confidence.

Initial InBody Results: 
Weight: 290.4 lbs.
SMM: 124.8 lbs.
PBF: 25.7%
BMI: 37.3

The CrossFit Unstoppable Trainer:

Debbie Rosslan
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Certified in:
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Kettlebell