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Loyal, Witty, Assertive 

Your physical health can be easily taken for granted until something happens that forces some perspective on you; an injured ankle, for instance, that hobbles your ability to do something you love. When that happens, physical therapy can be more than just a rehab process. It can become a way to appreciate the things your body is able to do.  

As it happens, that’s essentially how Jennifer Schnieders, owner of Outbound Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, got into the business. After winning a full scholarship to a ballet conservatory in high school, Schnieders injured her ankle and was forced into physical therapy. She loved it so much that, when it came time to graduate, Schnieders pursued it as a career.  

Outbound is unaffiliated with any hospital and is the only PT clinic that offers in-home visits without requiring the patient to be homebound. As a physical therapist, Schnieders specializes in shoulders and knees, but she’s had to learn the ropes as a business owner too. “I’ve had to become an expert in health care compliance and grassroots lobbying,” she says.

As a former dancer, Jennifer sees her work as an extension of what she’s always loved to do. “Women in business have so many hats to wear,” she says. “Whatever role I’m fulfilling I try to be my best, whether it’s being a boss, therapist, mother, spouse, daughter, or friend.” Read more about Schnieders and Outbound Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation here.