Jefferson Bank

Commercial Lending

What is the collective number of years in the banking industry for this team?
146… yes, 1-4-6!

What sets Jefferson Bank and theCommercial Lending Team apart from your competition?
With our collective number of years of experience, the Jefferson Bank team knows our customers, is extremely involved in our community, and has a broad knowledge of many business models to ensure we give sound financial advice. We have the innovation and variety of products of a big bank while maintaining relationships and involvement as a community bank. Our goals never waiver because we live by our motto of “there’s more…” We are people you know and the service you expect.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew when it comes to Jefferson Bank’s Commercial Lending team?
Our team is well-versed and knowledgeable about the construction industry and building process. We strive to be a resource to our contractors and other business owners by being relatable, honest, friendly, and genuinely caring about our customers’ struggles, stresses, and successes. Our success is only measured by our customers’ successes.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Our biggest wins as commercial loan officers are when we see small business owners thrive and build successful, strong businesses. Watching these individuals succeed not only helps them but continues to strengthen our community. These customers become our friends, and we go above and beyond to keep their best interests top of mind.

What words best describe Jefferson Bank and the Commercial Lending team?
Experienced, friendly, trustworthy, fair, consistent, conscientious, relatable.

How has the banking industry changed?
The world has definitely gone mobile, and the banking industry is no different. People expect convenience, technology, and reliability from mobile deposits, online bill pay, and transferring money. Although we offer all these great capabilities, we are proud to say that we still have relationships with our customers and enjoy sitting across from them in our offices. We know the importance of knowing your name and finishing our conversations with a handshake. The world has changed drastically since we opened our doors in 1967, but at Jefferson Bank, it is still about relationships.

What should someone look for in a lender?
Look for a lender with a broad knowledge of business and industry and someone who can communicate and advocate for the customer. Be sure they are willing to go the extra mile, interacts with people, and builds relationships. Find a team that cares about the success of others.

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