Your Own Way

When did your business get started? I started working at Re/Max when I was 15. My dear friend Helen Lange asked me to help her with mailings, prepping listings, etc. It was immediately that I fell in love with all aspects of the business. I then spent the next several years working for other agents in the building as well as the front desk until I decided to become licensed in 2004.

What’s your favorite part of your business? It’s less about numbers and more about having great people skills. Folks want someone who cares about them and cares about what they are doing. They need to know that their agent has their back. They want advice and someone to be honest and I’m always happy to provide that!

How does your business benefit from operating in Jefferson City? For being a smaller community, we offer so many things and many who don’t have the ability to sell in this community don’t recognize just how blessed we are. You name the need, and more than likely, JC has it or isn’t far from it.

What are you most thankful for in your business? Our leadership at Re/Max is the best in the industry! Our brokers are known nationally for their skills in the real estate market and they strive to make sure we are well educated. We have the top agents in the business to learn from, share with, and lean on.