Carrie Tergin describes what it’s like to be #mayoraunt. 

Some may think my favorite title is mayor, but there is nothing better than being called Aunt Carrie. I’m blessed to have a niece and two nephews — George and Mimi, from my sister, and Parker, from my brother.

In Greek, the word for aunt is “thea,” and the littles still call me Thea Carrie. It reminds me of my own Thea Helen, my dad’s sister. I grew up with the best aunt ever in Kansas City, and every summer she took us to the zoo, the swimming pool, and on Worlds of Fun roller coasters (where she was certain her brother may never see us again). Growing up, she’s someone I looked up to — she was always fun, cheerful, and had the best laugh. I loved seeing her Jefferson City High School Jays majorette portrait. People still to this day tell me how beautiful she was.

Then, on my first trip to Greece at age 10, I met Aunt Koula. She had just married my mom’s younger brother. Although she is on the other side of the world, we are still just as close. They’ve even been to a city council meeting! Koula is always up for an adventure on a Greek Island and is the best cook (next to my mom of course). If you could only try her Greek cooking. When she visited Jeff City, the kitchen was open almost all night. Oh, and at the club in Greece, we might have danced on the tables!

Being an aunt, I often think of these great memories with my own aunts. I also realize how lucky I am. Not everyone has an aunt, and not everyone gets to be one. In my role as mayor, I actually feel as if I’m the aunt of the entire city. I love getting to know kids, telling them about what it’s like to be mayor, and learning about their interests. It’s fun when parents tell their kids “this is the mayor” and they light up. I want them to know that mayors are approachable, that they can be a mayor someday, and that I care about them — just like an aunt would. Plus, I’m fun like aunts are!

Speaking of being a fun aunt, back to Parker. He is just starting his career in Kansas City, and I love that little blonde boy with brown eyes who has turned into the most polite person and thoughtful young man. My little brother, who liked being a pain for his older sisters, has such a great kid. We love you, Parker.

And little George and Mimi — they are the cutest and sweetest. I love spending time with them. We spend a lot of time at popou and yiayia’s (Greek for grandpa and grandma’s) pool in the summertime.  I never thought I’d be playing in the same pool and the same pool games with my sister’s children. We also love the new splash park and climbing the rocks at Community Park. I even got to be part of their first time on the ice at Washington Park Ice Arena, and George is already playing hockey!

I can’t wait to take them across the Bicentennial Bridge when it’s complete. We’ll walk, run, and ride our bikes. George loves watching the trains — imagine watching from above on the bridge. It’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to. Who are you looking forward to taking that walk across the Bicentennial Bridge with?

Being an aunt is the most fun, and my niece and nephews are my best little friends — my everything. I’ll drop everything and do whatever they want.  

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Carrie Tergin