Jayda Berhorst
The Face of Eyelash Extensions

Are you tired of spending countless hours each morning battling with mascara, curlers, and false lashes to achieve that wide-eyed, glamorous look? Say goodbye to the hassle, and say hello to eyelash extensions! These tiny miracles are taking the beauty world by storm, and for good reason. In the beauty industry, few treatments can make your eyes truly pop like a stunning set of lash extensions. For those seeking the very best in this art form, look no further than J’s Esthetics. I’m Jayda Berhorst, a lash extension artist who offers clients the ease of long-lasting, healthy lash extensions.


My journey in the beauty industry started at a young age. I spent an abundance of time in my hometown salon, Trendz Hair Studio. I watched my mom transform clients’ confidence as a cosmetologist, and I knew right away the beauty industry was where I belonged. At my first chance, I enrolled at Merrell University, graduated with excellence, and obtained my license as an esthetician. Shortly after, I became certified in lash extensions and found my passion for enhancing natural beauty. Within my previous job experiences, I continued to observe the transformative power of extensions, and I was captivated by the joy it brought to clients. This was the spark that ignited my desire to become an independent esthetician and artist — so began J’s Esthetics. With an unwavering dedication to my craft, I embarked on a path of continuous learning and hands-on experience to perfect my skills. With eight years of experience, I am now flourishing in my trade and providing luscious lashes and skincare services to my clients at that very same salon where my inspiration began.


Eyelash extensions are a turning point in the beauty industry that provides you with an effortless, timeless look. No more smudged mascara, clumpy lashes, or frustrating curlers. Imagine waking up every morning with long, voluminous lashes that make your eyes pop and your confidence soar as you get ready to seize the day. These extensions are not only convenient but also long-lasting — maintaining their beauty for weeks. With a little care and regular touch-ups, your lashes will stay looking stunning. These lashes are also applied individually by an expert to keep them looking natural. The result? Customizable lashes that are all yours, but better. With extensions, you can choose the length, curl, and thickness that suits your style. This makes them the ultimate personalized beauty accessory for not only special occasions but for day-to-day wear as well.


I believe that lash extensions should enhance, not overpower, one’s natural beauty. My approach is rooted in understanding the client’s unique facial features and preferences, resulting in a custom-tailored lash design for each individual. Furthermore, I prioritize the longevity of the lash extensions, as well as the health and safety of my clients’ natural lashes. I utilize the highest quality products and techniques to ensure that each extension is applied without causing damage. My meticulous attention to detail and my commitment to ongoing education keeps me at the forefront of my field. I’m not only an esthetician, I am a dedicated artist who transforms eyes, boosts confidence, and adds a touch of beauty to the world. My humble journey of becoming a respected name in the industry is a testament to my unwavering commitment to my craft. As I continue learning in all aspects of my profession, I envision a future filled with exciting possibilities in offering new services, strengthening connections with current clients, and creating new relationships with even more clients who seek the desired transformation that lash extensions can provide. For those seeking the very best in lash extensions, J’s Esthetics is the name to remember. I provide the perfect blend of skill, passion, and dedication.

Jayda Berhorst, a licensed esthetician and certified eyelash extension technician, brings eight years of expertise to her craft, specializing and focusing on the artistry and precision of eyelash extensions.

J’s Esthetics: Trendz Hair Studio, 14102 Redfield Dr., Eugene
(573) 645-3222 | fb.com//jsesthetics.jb