Age: 33

Occupation: Director of Technology Support & Services

What apps do you use to track your progress and hold you accountable? I use several apps including the Studio573 app for scheduling classes, Lifesum for tracking my meals and measurements, Apple Workouts, and Marco Polo for keeping in touch with my CityFit family.

What’s been your biggest lesson in nutrition? My biggest lesson in nutrition would have to be about finding balance and making conscious decisions about what I’m taking in. I used to eat for the sake of eating and didn’t think about the consequences. Now I try to evaluate what I’m going to eat and how it’s going to affect me. 

How does technology make your fitness journey easier? Technology is a big part of who I am, so using it along this journey felt natural to me. I use my Apple Watch to keep track of all my activity goals, various apps to keep me accountable, and during the pandemic it has kept me engaged with my trainers. 

What stat on your InBody means the most to you? I think my percent body fat is the most important stat for me. Seeing that drop while making changes to my diet really helped drive home how important it is to evaluate what I’m eating. 

In moments that you want to give up or quit, what’s the motto you tell yourself to keep going?  I’m not sure if I have a motto I go to, but when I’m feeling down or like giving into old habits I think about all the work I’ve put in so far and how disappointed I’d be if it was for nothing. There have definitely been ups and downs throughout this process, but being able to lean on my CityFit family and my family at home has gotten me through it. 

Initial vs Current InBody Results: 
Weight: 216.6 lbs. > 197.4 lbs.
SMM: 83.1 lbs. < 87.1 lbs.
PBF: 32.9% > 22.9%
BMI: 32 > 29.1

The Studio 573 Trainers:

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Nick Baker, AFAA-CPT & Erin Bidlack, NASM-CPT

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