Competitive, dependable, and compassionate.

Learning and practicing altruism has been a cornerstone of character since childhood for Jacob Robinett, associate engineer for the Missouri Public Service Commission. In his career, he uses his heart of service to help the commission regulate investor-owned electric, natural gas, steam, water, and sewer utilities in Missouri. Jacob knows the importance of public service and exercises it both in and out of the office.

“My parents taught me from an early age to give back and help others out without expecting anything in return because life is full of surprises, and tomorrow you may be that person in need of a helping hand,” Jacob says. “Working in government, you will never know all the people your work affects, so you have to do your very best and do what you feel is right every day.”

With these values instilled at a young age, it’s no wonder he chose a career serving the public. However, he wasn’t always sure where it would lead him.

“After internships in Arkansas and Pennsylvania, I wanted nothing more than to get a job anywhere other than Jefferson City after graduation,” he says.

But when an opportunity with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources presented itself, he embarked on a career path that would later lead to his life’s greatest accomplishment.

“Looking back, I don’t know where my life would be personally and professionally,” Jacob explains. “It has been such a blessing to be close to family and childhood friends. The opportunity has also allowed me to meet so many new people and feel like I’ve truly made a difference in a community.”

Further practicing the art of service, Jacob serves as the chair-elect for the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals, a board member of the Jefferson City Public Schools Foundation, an allocation committee member for the United Way, program chair for Jeff City START, a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, basketball coach for Trinity Lutheran School, and boy’s basketball booster club president for Capital City High School. He has also become active in Real Men Wear Pink of Mid-Missouri and Smokin’ Guns Working Dog Club.

Taking notes from others who have made a difference, Jacob’s role models are both civically and professionally active.

“A mentor that I frequently lean on for advice and guidance is Amber Hall,” he says. “She is someone I have looked up to since first joining Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals. She is someone I have leaned on about resume and cover letter advice and seeking advice on different ways to get more involved in the community. I am lucky enough to also consider her a close friend.”

With admiration for her community work and professional accomplishments, Jacob is grateful for Amber’s mentorship. As for Jacob’s own advice to himself and others, he encourages a lifelong pursuit of betterment — remaining educated, active, and involved.

“Continue to grow by educating yourself personally and professionally in the ever-changing world,” Jacob says. “Stay active physically and constantly challenge your limits, and you’ll surprise yourself where you end up. Always be involved and engaged with family and friends, and don’t worry about quantity. Only measure quality.”

Associate engineer with the Missouri Public Service Commission

Jefferson City High School grad, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Master of Business Administration from William Woods University

Jerry and Candy Robinett (parents); John, Josh, and Joel (brothers); Katie and Mallory (sister-in-laws); Isla (neice); Jameson (dog).

Facebook – Jacob Robinett

Instagram – @jakeray89

Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals, chair-elect

Jefferson City Public Schools Foundation Board

United Way Fund Allocation Committee

Jeff City START, program chair

Big Brothers Big Sisters, mentor

Trinity Lutheran School boys basketball, coach

Capital City High School Boys Basketball Booster Club, president

Real Men Wear Pink of Mid-Missouri

Smokin Guns Working Dog Club

The capitol grounds. There is so much that people take for granted around it. One of my favorite things is to take walks downtown, and seeing how visotors to our community view it is a reminder of how special it is.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2010.

Google Calendar. Being on the go most days or night with work meetings and sporting events, it is a must that I have all of them organized in my calendar in order to make sure I don’t get overbooked.



Competitive, dependable, and compassionate.

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