Dalton sits in front of red storage lockers on the 3rd floor of the Central Bank’s Financial Center designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

Operations Manager at Busch’s Florist

J Dalton Turner knows the value of time. Splitting his working hours as both the executive director of Capitol City Cinema and the operations manager at Busch’s Florist and Greenhouse, he puts in a full day’s work before hitting the books to complete his master’s in business administration from Lincoln University and make his volunteer engagements within the community. Time management has been key to keeping all of his commitments. 

“The biggest lesson I have learned is to always be on time,” Dalton says. “I feel that I’m usually timely to most meetings and functions. Business has taught me to always be courteous to other people’s time, as time is valuable.”

Looking beyond the hours booked in Dalton’s schedule, it’s clear that he values the community he lives and works in. 

“Community involvement is important because it brings the community together in ways that it may have never been united before,” Dalton says. “It allows for new relationships and partnerships to form to better the community life. It also builds personal character that allows for all of us to develop ourselves for the better. There are so many nonprofits that exist to better the community and everyday life here in Jefferson City. Working directly in the operations of a number of nonprofits, I see firsthand how the community is impacted and positively benefited.” 

Foundation for the Future

Perhaps Dalton is a master timekeeper because he’s been committed to work and volunteerism since he was a teenager. As a volunteer for the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation and later in a part-time position with the foundation, he met Bev Stafford, one of his current role models. 

“Bev has been such a help in seeking professional advice and connecting me with other community leaders over the past few years,” Dalton says.

Connecting and staying involved has enabled Dalton to find a career he is passionate about, and that passion has given birth to change. 

“Professionally, I am most proud of the cinema and to see where we are today,” Dalton says. “Being appointed executive director almost two years ago, I have witnessed the positive growth of the cinema with a board of directors that are fabulous to work with.” 

It’s passionate community members like Dalton that bring vibrancy and new ideas to Jefferson City, providing more outlets for diverse thought. That includes Capitol City Cinema’s new Art and Culture series, one of Dalton’s passion projects, which will showcase documentaries and films featuring a number of different artists.

Creating an outlet for them reflects one of Dalton’s core beliefs: “Be true to yourself, and never be ashamed of who you are. Don’t ever alter yourself to fit into some unrealistic category.”


  • Jefferson City Arts Foundation
  • Historic City of Jefferson
    Board Member 
  • Capitol City Cinema
    Executive Board Director

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